Lee Brice Brings Light To Dark Times With Surprise New Song “Hey World”

Hey World

Mega-hitmaker Lee Brice appeared on Fox & Friends for a live living room performance – initially to promote his single and accompanying music video for “One of Them Girls” last week. We’re shown a sneak peek of the music video that shines a light on first responders, while the singer shares that the song depicts “the kind of girl all the boys are looking for at heart”.

During the segment, Brice opens up about how he’s kept busy during the quarantine – with finding new ways to connect with fans and working on his record. Most importantly, he’s appreciated having “true connected family time with [his] kids” who are “bouncing off the walls”.

In the midst of opening up about how his life has been affected by the COVID-19 world health crisis, the songwriter reveals a more fitting plan for how he hoped to touch his audience at that moment. He explains that instead of playing his new single, he felt inspired to play a song that he wrote a couple days prior with some friends. Watch here.

In light of the tough times that we’re living in, Brice, along with Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood, wrote a song titled “Hey World”. The beautiful piano ballad captures the essence of how we’re all feeling during the global pandemic while diving deep emotionally.

The song opens with the powerful and gut-wrenching lyrics that immediately resonate with fans around the world.

“Hey world, leave me alone / I don’t want to turn on the TV, ain’t nothing but bad news on”

The country star continues to sing from the heart, infusing his quintessential country twangs passionately throughout the lyrics.

“Hey world, I just need some space / Could you give me a minute, to catch my breath today”

The simple piano melody provides comfort, while the song encapsulates the feeling of wanting to escape from what is happening and pretend that it isn’t real. The repetition of the line “Hey world, leave me alone” transports the listener into a mental place of peace and comfort.

Brice and his fellow songwriters put deep feelings into words, in order to help those at home find solace in these tough times. This song embodies the power of music and lyrics, which has the ability to connect an artist with its audience, as we are all navigating this unimaginable time together.

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