Lainey Wilson Releases Fiery “Neon Diamonds”, Announces New Album

BBR Music Group’s rising star Lainey Wilson has been making waves in country music for years, and today she has released fiery anthem “Neon Diamonds” and announced a new album ‘Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin”, due out February 19th.

“Neon Diamonds” opens with crashing cymbals and gritty guitar, instantly transporting you to a live show with a smokey stage where the bass is a little too loud. It’s clear that when we can attend concerts again, this song will crush and be a crowd-pleaser.

The lyrics are unapologetic and characteristically country. “My left hand ain’t interested in nothin’ but a drink in it,” Wilson sings on the opening line. The song is about a want for something casual, something that won’t last forever. Eventually, she wants to find her forever, but for now, she’s chasing the high that comes from “getting hitched on whiskey vows and exchangin’ drunk I dos/With neon diamonds and smoke rings”. It’s an incredibly clever hook that showcases the singer-songwriter’s vocal range and her classic, old soul.

Lainey Wilson’s New Album "Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'" is due out February 19th

Lainey Wilson’s New Album “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin'” is due out February 19th

“Neon Diamonds”, co-written by Wilson, Matthew McVaney, and Matt Rogers is the opener to her new record Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ which is slated for release on February 19th. It’s the perfect introduction to those who aren’t familiar with Wilson’s sound just yet, and she is able to meld the traditional sounds of country and rock in a way that sounds distinctive.

“I am proud of every piece of this record and all the people that have helped bring it to fruition,” Wilson said in a recent press release. “Finally being able to share this body of work is the most fulfilling and rewarding moment of my life thus far.”

Wilson has been grinding in Nashville for quite some time; she released her debut, independent album “Tougher” in 2016, and she followed it up with a self-distributed and self-titled EP in 2018. It’s so exciting that after all these years someone with as much polish and spirit is getting to share her music with a larger audience. With a new single to country radio that is equal parts gentle and strong, and a highly anticipated LP on the way, 2021 is looking bright for Lainey Wilson.

1.    “Neon Diamonds”— (Lainey Wilson, McV, Matt Rogers)
2.    “Sunday Best” —(Lainey Wilson, Brice Long, Shane Minor)
3.    “Things A Man Oughta Know” —(Lainey Wilson, Jonathon Singleton, Jason Nix)
4.    “Small Town, Girl” —(Lainey Wilson, Chris Yarber, Dallas Wilson)
5.    “LA” —(Lainey Wilson, Hannah Dasher, Frank Romano)
6.    “Dirty Looks” —(Lainey Wilson, Smith Ahnquist, Brent Anderson)
7.    “Pipe” —(Lainey Wilson, Luke Dick, John Pierce)
8.    “Keeping Bars In Business” —(Lainey Wilson, Jordan Schmidt, Matt Rogers)
9.    “Straight Up Sideways” —(Lainey Wilson, Reid Isbell, Jason Nix, Dan Alley)
10. “WWDD” —(Lainey Wilson, Casey Beathard, Michael Heeney)
11. “Rolling Stone” —(Lainey Wilson, Tammi Kidd, Brent Anderson)
12. “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’” —(Lainey Wilson, Jay Knowles)

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