Kelsea Ballerini: ‘Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good)’ – EP Review

Kelsea Ballerini reimagines her heartfelt last EP with a new version called Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good)out now on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project here.

Earlier this year, Kelsea Ballerini surprised fans with a new EP and short film called Rolling Up The Welcome MatWhile the record was intended to be a therapeutic and creative outlet for Ballerini, fans fell in love with each and every song on the raw and honest record. Breathing new life into the project, the singer-songwriter is sharing a new version of the project for fans. She calls the new record Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good).

“I thought when Alysa and I were making Rolling Up The Welcome Mat, it was something I would release and never revisit. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and that wasn’t the point of the music. Now, in hindsight and with a full heart, I want all those people who came alongside me and supported this album to know that I will never be able to fully express my gratitude, but (For Good) is my best attempt,” shared Ballerini in a recent press release. “And I also want them to know: we move on. The best part of Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good) is knowing I don’t need to talk about this stuff anymore. My whole life is ahead of me, so this expanded version is to let people know there’s real freedom in breaking down, in facing the emotions because it gets you to where your life can really shine.”

While the original record boasted six songs, For Good adds one more song to the the story, that showcases that moving on is possible. “Mountain With A View” and “Just Married” remain the first two songs on the project. Both songs candidly share Ballerini’s breaking point at the end of her marriage.

The third song, “Penthouse (Healed Version)” marks the first monumental shift on the project. The new rendition is a live show recording of the singer breathing new life into the song with her fans by her side. Instead of singing “I kissed someone new last night. Now I don’t know where you’re sleeping baby,” Ballerini changes the lyric to “Now I don’t care where you’re sleeping baby.” The iconic change is a beautiful depiction of the messiness and beauty of healing.

On “Interlude,” Ballerini obliges fans and finally adds to the story. In an unapologetic and vulnerable way, the songstress shares more of her story, while sharing the “good girl” image that she no longer is trying to portray. While raw and personal, the song is truly a gift to fans who need to borrow from Ballerini’s strength, while they’re on their own path towards healing. Similarly, on an updated “Blindsided (Yeah, Sure, Okay),” Ballerini includes the new verse that she sang during her Saturday Night Live performance.

On the last two tracks on the project, “Leave Me Again,” and the new song, “How Do I Do This,” Ballerini looks into the future with a new perspective. On the former, Ballerini vows to never lose herself again in a relationship. While heartache is painful, she wants her fans to know that healing is possible. On the new track, Ballerini shares around her experience getting back into the dating world. The single feels like the perfect way to end a ‘healed’ version of the project.

While Rolling Up The Welcome Mat was a true masterpiece, the new Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good) is even better. This record may have started as a personal project for Ballerini, but it is truly now for everyone. “With the updated version, I am asking from my fans that they help this be ours and simply let the music be the music.”

Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good) EP Tracklist:

  1. Mountain With A View
  2. Just Married
  3. Penthouse (Healed Version)
  4. Interlude (Full Length)
  5. Blindsided (Yeah, Sure, Okay)
  6. Leave Me Again
  7. How Do I Do This

Kelsea Ballerini releases her new Ep, ‘Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good),’ out now.

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