Kassi Ashton’s Sassy Video For New Single “Violins”

Kassi Ashton Violins

When it comes to sass, Kassi Ashton has it in spades, as evidenced by her new video for “Violins.” In what’s easily the most compelling high-school-themed video since Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” Ashton somehow manages to both put a suitor on blast and make marching bands incredibly cool.

Co-written by Ashton, Luke Dick, and Natalie Hemby, “Violins” serves as the perfect tell-off tune. When it comes to unfaithful exes begging for a second chance, Ashton has no time or sympathy for that. Playing off the old adage of someone playing the world’s tiniest violin, she sings, “Can’t hear the violins you’re playing/ There’s no symphony inside my head/ I got my own marching band/ Guess I lost my give a damn ’cause/ I can’t hear the violins you’re playing.”

In addition to shutting down the high school jock in a school’s gymnasium, Ashton dons her best sparkles and is easily the hottest drum major in town. Interestingly enough, she designed and created the video’s outfits by hand.

“Visuals are so important to me because that’s the way I understand and explain everything in my life,” Kassi reveals about the video in a recent press release. “It is no different with my music. When I allowed my brain to think of all the possibilities of what this video could look like, a million ideas soaked in red light came out. Kristin Barlowe, in all her magic, and her entire team perfectly translated my thoughts to the screen.”

Released in January, “Violins” shows a markedly different side of the rising star, who has previously created buzz with songs like “Taxidermy” and “California, Missouri.” The music video was shot in Nashville and was directed by Kristin Barlowe.


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