Jon Langston: ‘Heart On Ice’ Debut Album Review

Jon Langston’s new debut album, Heart On Ice is out now, September 8th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Ten years since the release of his first single, “Forever Girl,” Jon Langston has finally released his highly-anticipated debut album, Heart On Ice. While the introductory track was certified gold and he’s released other singles and EPs, this project marks his first full-length debut with 32 Bridge Entertainment/EMI Records Nashville.

Featuring fourteen new tracks, eleven of which the Georgia native co-wrote, the album allows Langston to flex his musical muscles, settling into a sound ten years in the making. “It’s like I got called up,” the former college football player admits. “Each artist has a different timing for that, but you dream of putting together a body of work that means something to you. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long… and you finally get to that point where you give it all you got.”

Heart On Ice allows Langston to look inwardly, reflective and introspective on tracks like “Granddaddy’s Watch” and “Where’s That Girl?,” while also showing off his wilder side on tracks like “Days in the 90’s”  and “I Ain’t Country” that better reflect his more raucous on-stage persona.

The aforementioned “Days in the 90’s” is a song-title-name-dropping party song that celebrates both the decade and the temperature. It’s a fun tune that, according to Langston, “feels just like the title sounds.” 

Likewise, “I Ain’t Country” features Travis Denning and is a simple ode to the fact that the duo is as country as they come. “You can say I’m just a redneck down in Tennessee // A beer drinking, country singing, SOB // Fire burning, hardworking, don’t ever quit,” They sing. “Boot wearing, Bible swearing, red clay kid // Call me what you want, think what you want of me // But you damn sure can’t say that I ain’t country”

Heartbreak is a common denominator through Heart on Ice, weaving its way through the title track, as well as songs like “Whiskey Does,” “Never Left Me,” “Where’s That Girl,” and “If You Ever Leave Atlanta.” Throughout these tracks, the singer-songwriter drowns his sorrow in the bottle (“She don’t love me anymore but whiskey does.”), attempts to move on, and finally resigns himself to being unable to visit old spots out of fear of her memory (“Let me know if you ever leave Atlanta”). Lastly, on the especially poignant “Wrong Side of the Bottle,” Langston stretches his vocal chops as he croons, “I’m trying to outrun her and outdrink a memory.”

It’s not all doom and gloom on the LP, with Langston finding unexpected new love on “Beer in a Bar” and looking forward to a bright future on “Dirt Roads & Diamonds.” He’s also ready to fight any ol’ cowboy for a woman’s love on “Ain’t No Cowboy,” while staying true to himself and the “symbol of the man I wanna be” on “Granddaddy’s Watch.”

 “My granddad was the most important person in my life,” He reveals. “He was always encouraging me, always making sure I was on the right path. And this watch reminds me to stay on that path.”

The album ends with the especially moving “May Magnolia,” a sparse and acoustic dedication to his young daughter. “We planted a magnolia tree in the yard when she was born, and every May, it starts blooming,” Langston says. “When I come home, I come down that driveway and see that magnolia tree, and that’s all I can think about on the road. It represents why I’m doing it, who I’m doing it for, and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”

For Jon Langston, Heart on Ice may have taken awhile to get here, but it arrived at the perfect time. “This album is about putting your life on pause for reflection, healing, and growth. With each song you can find those Heart On Ice moments, whether it’s taking time for yourself with a day on the lake, or missing a loved one who reminds you of what kind of person you want to be. That’s what I did the past couple years. And that’s what I put into this album.”

Heart On Ice Track List:

  1. Heart On Ice (Nick Columbia, Jordan Gray, Jake Mitchell, Hunter Phelps)
  2. Beer In A Bar (Jon Langston, Sam Carter, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)
  3. I ain’t Country (Feat. Travis Denning) (Jon Langston, Brad Clawson, Jordan Rager, Brad Wagner)
  4. Whiskey Does (Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Cole Taylor, Brad Wagner)
  5. Where’s That Girl (Jessi Alexander, Jordan Gray, Ben Hayslip)
  6. Never Left Me (Josh Dorr, Jordan Gray, Nate Jones)
  7. Dirt Roads & Diamonds (Jon Langston, Brad Clawson, Jordan Rager, Brad Wagner)
  8. Granddaddy’s Watch (Jon Langston, Jeb Gipson, Lynn Hutton)
  9. Day In The 90’s (Jon Langston, Chris Miller, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)
  10. Ain’t No Cowboy (Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Brad Wagner)
  11. Better Off (Jon Langston, Jordan Gray, Nate Jones)
  12. If You Ever Leave Atlanta (Jon Langston, Brent Anderson, Lynn Hutton)
  13. Wrong Side Of The Bottle (Jon Langston, Benjy Davis, Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker)
  14. May Magnolia (Jon Langston, Jordan Fletcher, Austin Nivarel)*Produced by Jody Stevens, Jacob Rice and Brad Wagner

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Beer in a Bar
  2. Where’s That Girl
  3. Granddaddy’s Watch
  4. If You Ever Leave Atlanta

Jon Langston’s debut album, ‘Heart On Ice,’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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