Jake Owen Plays Brand New Album For Sold-Out NYC Crowd

Jake Owen NYC

Last night those who were lucky enough to grab tickets early were in attendance at a New York City night club turned country music venue to catch Jake Owen’s triumphant return with brand new music and his new label, Big Loud Records. Chase Soundcheck Presented Jake Owen at Marquee NYC and fans arrived early to wait on line to get a premiere spot to catch the country star.

Rocking a new style, a green and purple western shirt, and a black fedora hat Owen took the stage confident, ready to share this new album with his fans. Greetings From…Jake was released last Friday and Owen has been promoting the new music all over the country, most recently playing the Today Show in the Artist’s Lounge. He kicked the night off with the ACM nominated song “Down To The Honkytonk” and immediately phones flew up to capture the song. Promising the crowd that he wouldn’t leave the stage before playing songs that they knew and loved, he took advantage of the moment to play almost the entire album front to back, explaining which were his favorites and why.

“I’m playing y’all a lot of these new songs off the new record tonight, I hope you know that I hope you’re prepared, I might throw an oldie or a goodie in there I promise, but I’ve really got to introduce you to this new music that I’ve been working hard on, are you guys cool with that?” The fans cheered him on, just as excited to sing along to their new favorites.

Switching gears from the debut single “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” to “Grass Is Greener” to “Señorita”  he passionately sang 10 of the songs from Greetings From…Jake and he was pleasantly surprised when he could hear the lyrics being sung back to him. He admitted that since the record was so new, it was the very first time he and his band had played a lot of the songs live, and hoped that the audience liked what they heard.

Jake Owen NYC

Before singing one of the more touching songs on the record, Owen shared; “I’ve been playing this song for about a year or so and I’ve kind of noticed throughout the year of playing it, not only does this song mean a lot to me but I’ve noticed it means a lot to a lot of other people.”  He continued ” My buddy Michael Ray just asked me if I would sing this at his wedding for him and Carly Pearce so, I never sang at a wedding before other than my sisters wedding, and I was just a kid and I sang “Boot Scootin’ Boogie, so this will be cool to do my own song”. He then serenaded the crowd with a loving rendition of “Made For You”.

As promised, he ended the night by singing fan favorites “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”, “Beachin'”, and “Anywhere With You” as well as some incredible classic country covers like “Family Tradition”, “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”, and a rousing rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog”.  He even had some fun by rapping Biggie’s “Juicy” and throwing in a little Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

Overall, Owen brought the party on a Tuesday night in New York City at an unlikely venue for country music. His energy, passion, and talent were shining examples of Nashville meets the Big Apple and this new music will certainly carry him into the next generation of country music lovers. Head to our Instagram for exclusive clips of the show and read more about Greetings From…Jake in our First Impression review.

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