Ingrid Andress’ Songs Show New Meaning in Lady Like (Deluxe)

Ingrid Andress’ songs are now entirely available through the deluxe edition to her debut album Lady Like, featuring a brand new song “Feeling Things”. Read more about the deluxe album below.
Lady Like Deluxe Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress: Lady Like (Deluxe) Album

After a quick detour with an unexpected let down after two people bond over tequila in the July release “Waste of Lime”, Ingrid Andress has returned to her piano to lay down her truth with a deluxe edition to her debut album Lady Like. The new project includes three new tracks and, because the tracklist has been personally reorganized by Andress, listeners will be able to better understand the storyline told by the “More Hearts Than Mine” singer-songwriter.

“My love life and emotions are always all over the place,” Andress explains in a press release. “And with the new songs as a part of the deluxe, I felt like this special track listing was a perfect way to let fans inside my head a little bit more.”

Lady Like (Deluxe) features a new original song titled “Feeling Things” that reminds us of the artist that we were all introduced to with “More Hearts Than Mine” and “Lady Like”. It consists of that slow yet up-tempo melody similar to the album’s title track, while the songwriting aspects hold and intrigue the listener much like Andress’ Number 1 debut single.

Listeners are given a fresh take with “More Hearts Than Mine” on the deluxe album with vocal contribution from Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of the multi-Grammy winning country group Little Big Town.

The collaboration is even more thoroughly stripped down than the first production and takes on a church choir type of feel in the chorus when all voices come together. It’s a soothing, captivating rendition of an authentic story with soft instrumental elements.

A cover of “Boys”, which Andress originally co-wrote for Charlie XCX along with Ari Leff, Emily Warren, Michael Pollack, Cass Lowe, and Jerker, is also shown in a new light on Lady Like (Deluxe). Andress showcases her well-known, excellent style by transforming this electro-pop song into a simpler production that suits her tone and artistic tendencies.

To wrap up Andress’ songs on this project, “The Stranger (Reimagined)” and “Waste of Lime” are the additional tracks included throughout the 13-song collection, which originally featured eight.

Lady Like (Deluxe) is a reminder of Andress’ artistry as a singer-songwriter who shines with an honest lyric over a set of keys. With her undisputed concern to tell a more detailed, orderly story for the sake of her fans, the tracklist is given new acknowledgment and appreciation. The deluxe edition is a thorough, innovative gift from Andress to learn in a deeper way the message that began with Lady Like.

To celebrate this release and Andress’ 29th birthday, a Lady Like (Deluxe) bundle is offered with a limited edition “Feeling Things” sweatshirt and keychain. Plus, fans will also receive a digital album download. For more information, visit the Warner Music Group store.

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