Listen to Ingrid Andress’ New Song “Seeing Someone Else” Here

Ingrid Andress releases her brand new song, “Seeing Someone Else,” out now, May 13th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new song below.

Ingrid Andress just dropped her latest track “Seeing Someone Else”, which follows her recent release “New Person” last month. The “Lady Like” and “More Hearts Than Mine” singer is gearing up for the release of her next album. 

The GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter describes the making of the upcoming album as real adventure – a mixture of fun and exciting new things, but also with some struggle. It’s the contrast that she enjoys. She shares, “making this album was one of the most painful processes I’ve ever been through, but it was also the brightest and the best. It’s crazy how you can experience both those things at the same time.” She describes the project as being even more reflective, confessive, and deeper than her debut album Lady Like. “I didn’t think I could be more open, but I guess I am. Just when you think you’ve exposed it all, you see that you only just cracked it.”

Unable to tour in support of Lady Like, as the album debuted in March of 2020, Andress dove back into songwriting. It was her way of processing everything, and a way to force herself to look into her personal life – again. Focusing on her reality and checking in on how she was feeling brought her to the realization, and ultimately what this album is, which was that “I wasn’t happy and I needed to fix it”.

Andress co-produced the project, pushing boundaries fearlessly in everything from sound, arrangement, and vocals, not allowing her or her music to be labeled or put in a box. She shared that “the first album was me trying to discover who I was as an artist and this one is just me being purely raw with what I was going through. I didn’t know what it’s going to sound like, I just stuck to the experiences I was having and it all came together naturally from being honest and processing my life.”

Written by Ingrid Andress, Jesse Frasure, and Derrick Southerland, “Seeing Someone Else” is a realization that your partner is not in love with you, but rather with the past version of yourself. Ironically, they are not on the phone with someone new, or staying out with someone else, but they are holding on to a version of you that no longer exists. Having to confront this painful realization, she must acknowledge that the relationship is not going to work if he would rather have what she feels is the lesser version of herself, over the woman she has become. 

“I think you’re seeing someone else // I think you’re seeing who I used to be // I bet you wish I was the girl that you met // Out at a bar making a mess, so twenty-three // And if you’re honest with yourself // You know you’re hanging onto history // Yeah yeah // You say you’re still in love but it’s so obvious when you look at me // I think you’re seeing someone else”

Andress will be Keith Urban’s The Speed of Now World Tour 2022 this summer. The tour makes a stop on Long Island at the UBS Arena on October 22nd. You can get your tickets here.


Ingrid Andress’ new song “Seeing Someone Else” is out now.

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