If You Like Justin Bieber Then You’ll Love…

If you like Justin Bieber then you’ll love country artists, Sam Hunt, Russell Dickerson, and Kane Brown. Learn why, here!

We believe that everyone is a country music fan, they just might not know it yet! Unless you live under a rock, you are most likely a Justin Bieber fan.  With his killer voice, catchy tunes, and staying power in the mainstream music scene, everyone is a Bieber fan. If you love Bieber then you should definitely check out the country artists below too!


Sam Hunt:

Grammy-nominated recording artist, Sam Hunt is one of the most eclectic singer-songwriters in the country music genre. He infuses hip-hop, rhythms, and pop into his music, while still remaining true to story-telling lyrics. Like Bieber, Hunt’s phrasing is unique and catchy. Both artists deliver comparable sounds that are still distinctly their own.

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Russell Dickerson:

It is no secret that Russell is one of our all-time favorites, but that’s not why he makes the list. Dickerson is a future Entertainer of the Year, putting on an incredible live show, like Bieber. His pop-country sound, and his ability to sing pretty much everything, makes Dickerson easy to love cross-genre.

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Kane Brown:

Bonafide superstar, Kane Brown also transcends the country music genre. Like Bieber, he has a diehard fanbase and loves to collaborate with artists in different genres. Brown’s songs “Cool Again” and “One Thing Right” are sonically-pleasing, just like Bieber’s tunes. On the other hand, Brown’s honesty in “For My Daughter” matches Bieber’s vulnerability in songs like “Lonely” and “Anyone.”

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