Hunter Hayes Surprises Fans with New Album Announcement

Hunter Hayes fans were in for a pleasant surprise this morning when the “Wanted” singer appeared on stage at 30 Rock to perform on 3rd Hour Today and announced that his newest album, Wild Blue (Part I), will be released this Friday, August 16th on digital platforms everywhere. This came as a huge and extremely exciting surprise to fans considering that the album was initially rumored to be released on October 11th.

Hayes’ most recent single “Heartbreak”, released earlier this year in February has had fans anticipating the arrival of even more new music for quite some time. This single, along with 9 other tracks including previously released “One Good Reason”, “Dear God”, and “One Shot” will make up the self-defining album for Hayes.

The decision to surprise release the album was not always the plan.“So, we initially planned to perform on Today and announce our October album release, however, because the album was finished and because the fans were asking for more new music now, we wanted them to have it as soon as it was ready… and have it all, not just five or six songs,” Hayes shared in a recent press release.

Hayes teased the release of the album on Instagram yesterday morning, encouraging fans to, “TOTALLY tune in to the @TODAYshow TOMORROW AT 9 AM local, there WILL be surprises…”. Comments on this post read, “OMG, we’re FINALLY getting an album”, and “Is this for real happening? I can’t remain calm asdjfkdlks”.

While a major theme of the album is celebrating life and who you are, Hayes ensures fans that it is not an “endless party”. The album is reflective of a difficult period of self-growth for Hayes that has led to him finding a version of himself ready to take on the future in his own terms.

When reflecting on the impact he wishes this album to have, Hayes, says he “hopes people hear the hope in its message. There is this sense of flight, feeling that freedom and kind of loving the start-over aspect of it. When you’re holding on to too many things, there’s no way you can possibly do that.”

We look forward to parts two and three of Wild Blue, and seeing the continuous finding of self and defining of who Hayes is as an artist that they will bring.

Wild Blue (Part I) will be available this Friday, August 16th, everywhere you buy or stream music.

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