Hunter Hayes Releases Honest Video For “Dear God”

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes released the official music video for his honest new single “Dear God” this past week. The video made it’s debut across Viacom’s twin LED billboards in Times Square on August 10th. The single dropped on August 3rd and is his first single since January garnering already 2 million streams on Spotify alone.

Revealed in a mini-documentary, he said that making this song was “kind of scary” for him because it does not end in a resolved situation. The concept of this single is not feeling good enough and questioning God’s intentions. Hayes co-wrote the song with pop singer Andy Grammer and Dave Spencer.

In the music video, you see the singer in the glass box he appears in on the single’s cover art symbolizing himself trapped in his own dark thoughts. Hayes also appears in a tug-of-war match, fighting another version of himself. The storyline is captivating on its own between the animation and visual effects. Hayes has not yet mentioned an upcoming album based on this single.



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