Here Are All of Eric Church’s Number One Songs in His Catalog

Here are all of Eric Church’s number one songs on country radio in his music catalog. The singer-songwriter has ten number ones to his name, seven as a solo artist and three as a featured artist.

We love reminiscing about all the great country music to hit country radio over the last few years. In our brand new series, we’re looking back on the songs that made it to the top of the country airplay charts. Today, we’re highlighting songs in Eric Church’s long career that hit the number one spot.


“Drink In My Hand” – Chief, 2011

Although his debut album came out in 2006, it took Church nearly five years and ten singles to reach the number one spot. This upbeat, rocking tune is the perfect song to start your weekend with.


“Springsteen” – Chief, 2011

Going 6x-Platinum, “Springsteen” is Church’s biggest song to date. The reflective-track brings the singer and its listeners back to their younger days. Church points out that one simple melody can represent an entire moment in time.


“Give Me Back My Hometown” – The Outsiders, 2014

The lead single off his fourth studio album, Church sings about how a failed relationship ruined the place he calls home. Now, his favorite spots of town are tainted with her memory. 


“Talladega” – The Outsiders, 2014

An ode to one of the south’s most popular sporting events. The singer recalls the joys of headed down to Alabama with his boys the summer after their senior year. As he is stuck in the real-world now, he longs for the nights where his only concern was his favorite racer crossing the finish line.


“Record Year” – Mr. Misunderstood, 2016

Most breakups songs are depressing and show the artist’s vulnerability; this is not one of those. In this track, Church realizes he’s better off without her. “Record Year” has a double meaning—it’s one of his best years and a year he had time to listen to all his old records from George Jones to Waylon Jennings. 


“Some of It” – Desperate Man, 2018

In this mid-tempo track, Church talks about lessons learned—some you learn the hard way, through heartbreak, or on a page. Some lessons you never use, but there’s something to be said for some of them.


“Hell of a View” – Soul, 2021

It’s hard to believe that an artist as popular and well-respected as Eric Church only has seven solo number ones to name; “Hell of a View” is his most recent hit. The singer discusses the rush he gets from this fun, reckless love. 


With seven number ones under his belt as a solo artist, Church also adds three hit songs as a featured artist. “The Only Way I Know” with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan; “Raise ‘Em Up” with Keith Urban; and “Does To Me” with Luke Combs. 


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