Hannah Ellis: ‘That Girl’ – Debut Album Review

Hannah Ellis releases her debut album, That Girl, out now, January 12th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

With an introspective and relatable lyrical style similar to many of country music’s best female artists, Hannah Ellis’s debut album That Girl is the perfect foray for the songwriter to become an artist. Much like early Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, or Maren Morris, Ellis takes traditional themes and country instrumentation to craft a perfect soundtrack for a night out, a breakup, a makeup, or anything in between.

Throughout her debut project, the acclaimed singer-songwriter crafts lyrics in a way that’s truly magical, painting a poetic picture with her unique phrasing and style. The album’s opener, “Country Can,” does just that with its mid-tempo celebration of all the things that country music can accomplish. Over banjo and slide guitar, she applauds all things country.

“Nothing makes you wanna raise one up // Makes you love where you come from // Makes you build a life on a piece of land like // Country can, country can // Get a cold one in my hand // Make these old boots wanna dance with somebody // Make my two lane, four wheels roll down a winding back road // Nothing turns my radio to gold like country can”

Likewise, “Wine Country” paints her as a walking contradiction, classy but country and putting the “boujee in the backroads.” “I have so much fun with “Wine Country,” the Kentucky native revealed to American Songwriter. “I wanna continue introducing all of these different facets of Hannah Ellis, because there’s a lot, there’s an onion there and that side of me is one of my favorites. I love a fancy night out, but also I’m totally fine if it ends in a dive bar. But I think it’s just such a fun song.”

For the Curb records artist, heartbreak weaves its way through the album, proving especially poignant on tracks like “Someone Else’s Heartbreak,” “Karma on the Rocks,” and “Still.” On the latter, Ellis uses the ballad to remind herself that he’s “still the same mess in a different box,” the one that isn’t right despite still having a hold on her heart. 

“Someone Else’s Heartbreak” provides a special moment of introspection, finding the singer-songwriter unable to take her own advice, knowing how she’d respond to someone else’s heartbreak, but unable to listen to her own tips. “I can’t take my own advice…To tell the truth, it’s for the best it didn’t last,” she admits. “I promise it’s a good thing, wouldn’t be so hard for me to say, if this was someone else’s heartbreak.”

Likewise, the album’s title track and its closing song take listeners through an emotional journey alongside Ellis, as she admits on “That Girl” that she’s “the kind of girl who wears her emotions like a T-shirt.” Meanwhile, the album’s final track, “Too Much and Not Enough” finds Ellis dealing with the types of thoughts that tend to plague women at all ages and stages. “I’m so sure of myself and so insecure,” she admits. “I wish I could care less, a little bit more. It’s confusing as hell being constantly stuck between too much and not enough.”

Moments of levity come on tracks like “Home and a Hometown,” “One of These Days,” and “Us.” “Us” in particular is a catchy celebration of a relationship that is as certain as things “that just fit perfectly, like old t-shirt and Levi jeans.” Likewise “Plans” finds her and that special someone looking towards the future and what’s to come. “From the church to the dress to the little bare feet,” She sings dreamily. “No we ain’t there yet, but we’re gonna be.”

While Hannah Ellis may be best known for writing songs for others, that’s all about to change with this release. With a mix of poignant lyrics and catchy hooks, Hannah Ellis’ That Girl is sure to establish her as an incredible artist and a future superstar.

That Girl Tracklist:

  1. Country Can
  2. Us
  3. That Girl
  4. Wine Country
  5. Someone Else’s Heartbreak
  6. Karma on the Rocks
  7. Still
  8. Replaceable
  9. Somebody Else
  10. Plans
  11. Home and a Hometown
  12. One of These Days
  13. Too Much and Not Enough

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Someone Else’s Heartbreak
  2. Us
  3. Karma on the Rocks
  4. Home and a Hometown

Hannnah Ellis’s debut album, ‘That Girl,’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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