Hannah Ellis Shares Her New Song “Us” in an Exclusive Interview

Hannah Ellis’ new song, “Us” is out today, October 1st, on all streaming platforms. Learn more about the brand new track below.

Hannah Ellis released her new song, “Us”, which will be impacting country radio on October 25th. We chatted with the singer-songwriter herself about all things “Us”, Opry, wine, marriage, and more.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Hannah Ellis: she signed a record deal, got married to fellow singer-songwriter Nick Wayne, made her Opry debut, and released new music, among other things. Her music is autobiographical, and she acknowledges this in her new single “Us”. The uptempo, driving country jam is specific to her relationship with Wayne, but also completely relatable to the audience.

“You and me will always be us // Like comin’ home headlights always mean your truck //  Like leanin’ in’s always gonna be // my red wine lips mixed with your whiskey kiss Friday nights // Like your right hand’s always gonna be in mine // Some things just fit perfectly // Like an old t-shirt and Levi jeans // You and me will always be us”

“We were talking about how long Nick and I had been together, and how it doesn’t matter if I’m making my Opry debut, or if we are just riding in his truck afterwards going to Taco Bell – we are always us,” Ellis explains. “We are always the same and I know that we are going to be that way forever. As we were writing the song, we realized, everyone has that person. It can be a lover, a friend, or family… that person that makes everything make sense.”

Ellis had the opportunity to debut the song during her own Grand Ole Opry debut, and her moment in the circle is one that she will remember forever. “I think I knew I would be very emotional when I stood in the circle for the first time. I was honestly overwhelmed with emotion and it was a magical experience. Getting to announce “Us” as my radio single at the Opry and sing that for the first time was amazing.”

The music video for “Us” premiered on October 2nd, and features young music video assistants turned couple at the beginning of their relationship and parallels Ellis and Wayne’s own courtship. It mirrors the song perfectly.

Ellis has been making incredible music in Nashville for many years, and it’s exciting that the rest of the world is about to catch up and realize what a special talent she truly is. For those who don’t know her yet, Ellis is bound to take over country music with her soulful voice and unique writing style.


Hannah Ellis’s new song “Us” is officially out on all streaming platforms.

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