Hannah Ellis Shares New Ballad “Someone Else’s Heartbreak”

Hannah Ellis releases a new ballad called, “Someone Else’s Heartbreak,” out now, February 10th. Learn all the details about the new song below.

Hannah Ellis is a country artist known for her incredible vocal talent; however, it is her ability to weave her real life into relatable and heartfelt lyrics. Her new song, “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” is a beautiful, yet heartbreaking song inspired by her sister’s sudden break-up. Fans have been asking for the ballad, and Ellis delivered it in a monumental way.

Collaborators, Josh Kerr and Emily Falvey helped Ellis bring “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” to life, during a co-write. The heartbreaking and vulnerable track expresses the ever-true sentiments that when you are going through your own breakup it is near impossible to take your own advice. Written from the perspective of the heartbroken, Ellis vocals shine on this touching new song.

“While he was holding you, he always held you back // and to tell the truth, it’s for the best it didn’t last // Girl you were out of his league // Wasn’t worth everything you gave away // I promise it’s a good thing // wouldn’t be so hard for me to say // if this was someone else’s heartbreak // someone else’s lonely // I just tell them give it time // but I can’t take my own advice // when it’s my pain”

“Someone Else’s Heartbreak” has true potential to become an instant fan-favorite. Learn more about Hannah Ellis and her journey to country music in our spotlight interview, here.


Hannah Ellis shares new ballad, “Someone Else’s Heartbreak,” out now.

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