Hannah Dasher: ‘The Half Record’ – Review

Hannah Dasher’s The Half Record EP is out today, July 9, on all streaming platforms. Featuring tracks such as “Left Right” and “Girls Call the Shots”, check out our full review below.

With a sound and style that’s unapologetically country, Hannah Dasher’s new project, The Half Record, is out today, July 9. Rather than bending to the pop-country sounds that tend to monopolize country radio today, Dasher’s collection of songs is a joyous compilation that pays homage to the biggest names in country, including the likes of Reba, Dolly, Trisha, and Miranda.

Dasher was recently named a member of 2021’s CMT Next Women of Country Music, and The Half Record clearly shows why. Additionally, Dasher co-wrote all but one of the project’s five tracks. She shows her solid writing chops on tracks such as “Leave This Bar,” “Shoes,” and “You’re Gonna Love Me.”

The Half Record opens with the sultry “Leave This Bar,” a rocking mid-tempo telling the tale of the Friday night bar prowl, an ode to looking for someone to head home with. “The beers are real cold // The band sounds good // Everything feels like a Friday night should,” she sings. “Got drinks in the air // We’re dancing in the dark // But everybody’s looking for a reason // To leave this bar.” While some female country singers would probably hesitate to sing on such a seemingly taboo topic, Dasher embraces it here, providing the perfect intro to this EP.

“Left Right ” is asking a man to step up and propose or she’s out. Dasher is through with a wishy-washy dude here, and she sells it perfectly. “It’s time that you made up your mind // Are you in or out?” She asks on the incredibly catchy and clever tune. “You better put a ring on her left right now.”

On “You’re Gonna Love Me,” Dasher embraces who she is, unapologetically herself. “I ain’t for everybody, but I don’t try to be,” she admits on the track. Meanwhile, on “Shoes,” she knows that she’s a catch, as she invites an ex back for a second chance. “If I were in your shoes // Baby, I’d come running back to me.”

Dasher shows her softer side on the EP’s lone ballad, “Girls Call the Shots.” It is a ballad about the impact of women on a man’s life. Nonetheless, guys may buy the drinks and think they rule the roost, but when it comes down to it, it’s girls who make the rules. 

In her official bio, Dasher reveals that she was once fired from a job at Bass Pro Shop for writing songs while working. We’re so glad she was. On this debut project, Dasher isn’t introducing herself with a whisper, but with a resounding and welcomed shout. Overall, on The Half Record EP, Dasher is unabashedly herself, equal parts grit and glam, and the result is magical.

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Left Right”
  2. “Shoes”
  3. “Girls Call The Shots”

The Half Record EP Tracklist:

  1. “Leave This Bar” (Hannah Dasher/ Brandon Hood/ Tim Nichols)
  2. “Left Right” (Hannah Dasher / Wynn Varble / Brandon Hood)
  3. “You’re Gonna Love Me” (Andy Albert / Thomas Archer / Hannah Dasher / Gordie Sampson)
  4. “Shoes” (Hannah Dasher/Trannie Anderson/Jake Rose)
  5. “Girls Call The Shots” (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, David Frasier, Lance Miller)

Hannah Dasher’s ‘The Half Record’ is out now, July 9th

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