Who Is Hannah Dasher? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Hannah Dasher? Learn more about this fiery rising singer-songwriter in our Swag Spotlight interview below.

Hannah Dasher

Our Swag Spotlight shines on Georgia native, Hannah Dasher and all of her funny, charismatic glory. In our most recent chat, Dasher’s incredible personality was apparent as she told our Managing Editor all about growing up a child of ’90s country, even calling herself the youngest member of the Alan Jackson fan club. “I hated to read as a kid so instead of reading storybooks, I would read album covers front to back, who the producers were, songwriters, and of course the lyrics,” she explained. “Alan Jackson’s lyrics really spoke to me because he was from Georiga like me, and he talked like I did, so conversational, I thought he was a badass.”

After college, Dasher moved to Music City and couldn’t make a living with her music business degree so she took a job at Bass Pro Shops which just happened to be in the same parking lot as the Grand Ole Opry. “I lived in an attic on Belmont Blvd and slept on a mattress on the floor, ate bologna sandwiches and peanut butter jelly every day and I’m still carrying some of those carbs with me,” she laughed. Her honesty about the hard road to “making it” in the music industry is refreshing and her determination is evident. She got fired from her day job for writing songs on the job but it turns out, one of those songs ended up being her first cut as a songwriter, a song for Brad Paisley called “Go To Bed Early”.

Shortly after that, Dasher signed a publishing deal and starting working and writing with some incredible people in Nashville including Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three. Eventually, her fiesty personality, kickass lyrics and unique approach to traditional country music landed her a record deal with Sony Music Nashville. “I think the Lord makes you wait for something that you really want to have so that you’ll really appreciate it, I firmly believe that,” she tells us.

During the COVID19 pandemic, she lets us know that she took some much needed time to really allow for personal growth, putting her now in a place that she is mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and career-wise the best place she’s ever been. She loves cooking and decided during quarantine to use the popular app TikTok to spread some joy and some delicious comfort food recipes. Her ‘Stand By Your Pan’ series has garnered her over half a million followers and showcases her personality, her voice, and her knack for great southern cooking.

Her latest release, “Girls Call The Shots” is an outside cut written by Brad and Brett Warren, David Fraiser, and Lance Miller that she tells us she fell in love with the moment she heard it. “I always write my music but I have never been opposed to listening to outside music because I know that there are songwriters who are here solely to be songwriters and they live off the royalties of artists with major record deals cutting their songs.”

Her ability to blend vintage, traditional southern country with a modern twist is something fans are craving right now in the genre, and paired with her bubbly charisma, we just know you will love her.

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