Erin Kinsey: ‘Bet My Heart’ – EP Review

Erin Kinsey releases her EP, Bet My Heart out now, May 19th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project here.

Records/Columbia Nashville artist, Erin Kinsey is delivering a stellar EP to follow her debut project, 40 East. Her new record, Bet My Heart is a seven-song project, all written by the singer, that depicts all of the emotions and experiences that Kinsey has gone through, since her last release. Filled with songs to fit every setting, Bet My Heart is an EP you are going to want to listen to from start to finish.

“This project is one that really wraps up so many feelings I’ve had since my first EP – the good, the great, and the difficult,” shared Kinsey in a recent press release “‘Bet My Heart’ shows all of my angles, and in such an honest way, that I wasn’t able to lean in half way. Even though it might have saved me from some heart break along the way, there’s no reward like the one when betting it all actually works out!”

The project kicks off with “Boys in Boots,” a fun-loving song about falling in love and knowing your type.  Similarly on the title track, Kinsey relishes in an optimistic and romantic take on falling in love and jumping in head first. Both of the songs convey a sense of excitement when it comes to romance and all of its quirks.

“I’d bet my heart on the wild in your Tennessee smile // The stay in your brown Tecovas // The want in your eyes setting me on fire // The lean on me in your shoulders // And I don’t know what’s in the cards // But I’ve known from the start of it // I’m all in on us like Vegas at midnight // I’m willing to bet my heart on it”

On the flip-side, both “Stayed a Summer” and “Little More Cowboy” reflect on love lost, heartbreak, and missed opportunities.  The former, one of our favorite songs off the project, speaks to the “right person, wrong time” relationship. “Stayed a Summer” is nostalgic, yet heartbreaking in the best way. On “Little More Cowboy,” Kinsey laments about what her ex is doing without her. The song is another taste at the singer-songwriter’s honesty and vulnerability.

Of course, Kinsey’s song “Always Never” also pull from her own heartbreak.  She opens up more candidly about her break-up from a longterm partner, sharing the intricacies of loving someone but the timing being off.

“You were always saying the right things // just never saying what you really mean // always had a leaving tendency, just never thought that you’d be leaving me // Six years, two months, day three // but it was always never meant to be // knew you well enough to know you need // It was always never gonna be me”

However on “Vegas,” Kinsey explores what it would be like to fall in love and get hitched to a stranger in moments. While the song may just be fun and creativity personified, it provides a hopeful moment to all the heartbroken. The lyric “Ill go wherever love takes us” depicts everything we think this album is meant to be about.

Kinsey wraps up the stellar project with an acoustic song called “Handful.” Written by Kinsey with Josh Rosen and Kyle Clark, the songstress shares how she is in a relationship. With lyrics like “I’ll be your perfect kinda crazy,” and “Babe you’ll know it’s worth it,” she clearly knows herself.

Kinsey is definitely an artist to look out for. She creates music that she is connected to, while also connecting with her growing fanbase. Bet My Heart is a solid project from the rising artist.

Bet My Heart EP Tracklist:

  1. Boys in Boots – Erin Kinsey, Jordan Minton, Travis Wood 
  2. Stayed a Summer – Erin Kinsey, Sara Davis, Josh Kerr, Micah Carpenter 
  3. Little More Cowboy – Erin Kinsey, Russell Sutton, Jaxson Free 
  4. Bet My Heart – Erin Kinsey, Parker Welling, Josh Kerr 
  5. Always Never – Erin Kinsey, Sarah Buxton, Josh Kerr 
  6. Vegas – Erin Kinsey, Brinley Addington, Barrett Baber 
  7. Handful (acoustic) — Erin Kinsey, Josh Ronen, Kyle Clark

Erin Kinsey’s new EP, ‘Bet My Heart’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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