5 Things to Expect from Erin Kinsey’s Debut EP ’40 East’

We chatted with country singer-songwriter, Erin Kinsey about her new EP, 40 East, out this Friday, March 25th. Here are five things to expect from the upcoming project.

  1. When writing her grooving and exciting single “Just Drive”, she wanted to combine Paramore guitars with country lyrics.

“I walked into the write and was like, ‘I don’t know why we couldn’t put the big guitars that are in Paramore songs in a country song” and I honestly think that if I had brought it up to any other two writers in Nashville, they would’ve thought I was crazy.”

  1. “Hate This Hometown” is one of her favorite songs she’s ever written, and it’s a truly personal track.

“I came up with the idea [for this song] on the way to the writing session… I was just thinking about how quick I was to leave my hometown, but yet how often I go back there. I graduated high school a year early; I moved to Nashville literally the day after walking the stage and I go back all the time. I said I wouldn’t, but I always do.”

  1. The debut single “Just Drive” is one inspired by her own experience commuting to Nashville.

“I’m from a small town East of Dallas called Rockwall, and I’ve made the drive all the way to Nashville many times… and I’ve found out that there are not a ton of people I look forward to a nine-hour drive with. But with Josh, my boyfriend, I always look forward to it with him.”

  1. Dolly Parton cut her song “Pink”, an extremely poignant song with such significance to listeners everywhere, and with Kinsey specifically. 

“It was definitely something I did not expect. People always asked me if Dolly was on my cut bucket list, and I always say absolutely not. Because why would you set yourself up for heartbreak? That was never going to happen in my mind… but I wrote the song with [two amazing writers], Victoria Shaw and Jodi Marr after I found out someone close to me was going through a battle with breast cancer. We felt like it was something special… Victoria had this vision of getting women in country [and all genres] involved.”

  1. When asked to describe the EP in one sentence, she said….

“My life so far.”


Erin Kinsey’s debut EP, ’40 East’ out this Friday.

Check back this Friday, 3/25 for our full album review of Erin Kinsey’s product,  40 East.

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