Eric Church Releases New Song “Break It Kind Of Guy”

Eric Church surprised fans with another brand new song, “Break It Kind Of Guy” from his forthcoming three-album project due out this April, ‘Heart & Soul’.

Earlier this year, superstar Eric Church revealed plans for an unprecedented new project. The singer-songwriter will be releasing a triple album, ‘Heart & Soul’ in April. Album #1 is entitled ‘Heart’, album #2 is ‘&’, and Soul’ is the third record. Surprising fans once again before the project’s official release, Church debuted the final instant gratification track off the project, a song entitled “Break It Kind Of Guy.”

The new jam has Church written all over it! Co-written by Church with fellow songwriters Luke Dick and Casey Beathard, the song was born out of pure creativity. According to the singer, “Luke was talking about how refreshing it was and how creative he felt in that setting, and then he said Im so surprised you would do it this way because normally people are like if its not broke’ – and when he said that, I went you break it,” referring to Church’s goal of challenging himself to write and a record each song in just one day. “Weve got three songwriters in the room so immediately it turned into if its not broke, Im a break it kind of guy.It was a neat thing for the song to be born in that moment.”

Eric Church's new song "Break It Kind Of Guy" is available now, March 26th

Eric Church’s new song “Break It Kind Of Guy” is available now, March 26th

“Hold up on rollin’ up the streets in this town // I got a bucket full of paint left and a match to burn it down // When it comes to raisin’ hell I’m ‘bout to take you all to school // Ain’t big on all your laws and don’t care about your rules // Yeah, I tell my eagle where to fly // If it’s not broke, I’m a break it kind of guy”

That anecdote is a perfect embodiment of what the song shares. In all ways, Church is not afraid to push the envelope and break molds. In fact, some may say that he is a risktaker and a rule-breaker, but we argue that he is a trendsetter and innovator.

Fans can anticipate more creativity and innovation from Church as we await his three-part record. Proving to be an artist for the fans, the middle project, ‘&’ will only be viable for the Church Choir fanbase. Visit to join!

Eric Church set to release three albums, 'Heart', '&', 'Soul' this April 2021

Eric Church’s three-album project, ‘Heart’, ‘&’, ‘Soul’ due out this April 2021

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“Break It Kind Of Guy” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music ‘here on our New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.