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2018 saw its share of hot-topic issues including the inequality of the mainstream presence of women in country music, which will likely continue to be a hot-topic moving into 2019.  If the Billboard Top 40 Country charts over the past few weeks, with only two women on the chart the weeks of December 11th and 15th, 2018, are any indicator, this topic will only continue to heat up more.

Fortunately, the movement to support women in country music has seen quite the shift, with growing support from very successful women in the industry, such as Karen Fairchild and Miranda Lambert. During the CMT Artist of the Year awards, Karen Fairchild recited a list of female artists who deserved recognition and Miranda Lambert give a very uplifting thank you speech about the value of support of her fellow women musicians.

Despite that the fact that the country ladies are not seeing a significant amount of airplay on the radio, there are great resources to discover new artists and continue to support your favorite country gals.

NashNightsLive DJ Elaina D. Smith has created a podcast dedicated to women in the industry telling their story titled “Women Want to Hear Women”.  Each episode features another artist chatting with Smith about the struggles and the ways they think things should change. Check out this post about her conversation with Carrie Underwood here.

The Song Suffragettes is a self-proclaimed, all women, singer-songwriter showcase based in Nashville, Tennessee. The weekly shows have become one of the biggest features at The  Listening Room and have earned the group significant attention on social media and various publications.

There are a bunch of great playlists on Spotify after a quick search that are curated by individuals, various organizations, and Spotify, dedicated to only country ladies.  These playlists are a great way to discover new artists as they are frequently updated and you can search related artists as well.

 CMT has done a great job of featuring women through live events and TV programming. The 2018 Artist of the Year awards featured only women, for the first time. Additionally, each year a “Next Women of Country” class is announced which has an accompanying tour. You can check out our post about the 2019 class here.


Our Managing Editor Christina (Left) and Our Founder Stephanie Wagner (Right) with Hannah Ellis at our Babes, Booze & Brunch event in March.

 Did you know that NYCS also supports women in country through a variety of resources? Each year we hold a women’s brunch, so be on the lookout for the 2019 date and check out the recap of our 2018 event here! Plus, we have our “Women of the Month” series on our blog, which you can check out here, and while you’re perusing the blog, you can listen to some tunes by your favorite country ladies on our “Girl Power” playlist on Spotify here.


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