Corey Kent Earns First Number One Single with “Wild As Her”

Corey Kent earns his first number one song with his debut single to country radio, “Wild As Her.” Get all the details here.

Rising artist Corey Kent officially has a number one single to his name! His platinum-selling, debut single “Wild As Her” is officially his first number one song at country radio.

“It’s been a hell of a ride to wind up here,” shared the singer-songwriter. “You couldn’t write a crazier script: Getting dropped, moving to Texas, working in motorcycle shops and pavement companies to provide, playing a regular gig performing in a Mexican restaurant, praying for opportunity, touring relentlessly, & trying to defy all the odds… Today is bigger than my first No. 1. Today, I get to wave the pirate flag for all of us relentless dreamers from the mountain top, as an example that no matter how hard it gets, there is always hope. I’ll never forget this one.”

When Kent bursted on to the scene, fans flocked to him in droves, instantly falling in love with “Wild As Her.” The track speaks to romance and staying true to yourself. It will be featured on the singer’s umping debut album Blacktop, set for release on June 2nd.

“I keep the windows down and the wind in her hair // Keep her heart hangin’ on ’round every turn // She ain’t scared to get tied down, scared to get burned // Just looking for somebody as wild as her // Wild, wild // Saw that highway unwind in her deep brown eyes // She saw a long stretch of dirt road dreamin’ in mine // She ain’t living for a diamond ring // Just living like the rock’n’roll song she sings out loud”
Congrats to Corey Kent and his team on this incredible number one!

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