Conner Smith: ‘Didn’t Go Too Far’- EP Review

Conner Smith’s debut EP, Didn’t Go Too Far is officially out now, January 14th, and available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Conner Smith, one of our favorite rising stars and 2022 Artists to Watch, has officially released his debut EP, Didn’t Go Too Far. Since signing his record deal in 2019, Smith has secured his spot as a country artist headed for stardom. In just six months, since he started releasing music, the singer-songwriter has garnered an incredible fanbase of supporters and cemented his move from songwriter to artist.

The new project features six songs in the collection, made up of three previously released tracks and three brand new songs. The record kicks off with a new song, “College Town.” Written by Smith independently, the song sets the tone for the rest of the project. The song is high-energy, honest, and lyrically focused, the perfect introduction to the EP.

“The next thing I know, a couple of songs I wrote got me a record deal // They put them out and sent me out to see how it made the people feel // Yeah me and my band hopped in a van to go play some college shows // and that’s why we’re here, so let’s drink a beer”

The record continues with Smith’s current radio single, “Learn From It.” Like the previous song, the singer lets fans know more about his story on this track. The song takes us through all of the mistakes and experiences we all go through as we grow up. Ultimately, the singer relies on the adage that we all learn from those things. The song allows us as listeners to learn more about the artist and his story.

Next up is one of our favorite songs off the record, which also happens to be one of Smith’s favorites as well. The title track, “Didn’t Go Too Far” is vulnerable and authentic. The singer laments about how it feels to lose your love, but being stuck in that small-town makes it nearly impossible to move on. The feelings that Smith brings in the listener in this song proves how incredible of a songwriter he is in his young career.

“There’s only one bar // There’s only one church // How do I move on, when I see you everywhere I turn // I can’t go anywhere to get away // and settle the heart // Because the one that got away didn’t go too far”

The record’s journey continues with the previously released “Take It Slow.” Giving off Sam Hunt vibes, the track is the romantic and hopeful song that this EP begged for. The song is smooth, nostalgic, and inviting. It depicts young love in a way that makes us all feel like we are experiencing it again for the first time. Smith first played the track for us during our live acoustic session and interview this fall in New York City. Check it out in the video below.

Of course, Smith could not put out his debut EP without “I Hate Alabama.” The song is the only track that Smith did not write, but the singer really brings life to the incredible tune. The slow-burn begins as the ultimate disdain towards Alabama Crimson Red Football team, but after one listen, fans will know that it is definitely not just that. Smith pours his heart out, sharing that the reason he truly hates Alabama is because he got his heart broken. Even Alabama-natives can understand that!

Finally, the record culminates with “Somewhere In A Small Town,” ironically the song that Smith often kicks off his live shows with. The song is fun, romantic, and enticing, all qualities that Smith also possesses.

Overall, Didn’t Go Too Far is a perfect example of how spectacular a debut EP can be for an artist. Smith is a breath of fresh air in country music. He knows how to craft a lyric like a pro, entice country fans across the spectrum, and create music that makes us all feel all pillars of a star in the making.

Learn more a out the rising star in our spotlight interview here. Want a chance to win a personalized video message from Conner Smith? Enter to win here.

Didn’t Go Too Far EP Tracklist:

  1. College Town” (Conner Smith)
  2. Learn From It” (Conner Smith, Daniel Ross)
  3. Didn’t Go Too Far” (Conner Smith, Matt Dragstrem, Matt Jenkins)
  4. Take It Slow” (Conner Smith, Ryan Hurd, Mark Trussell)
  5. I Hate Alabama” (Nick Columbia, Drew Green, Hunter Phelps, Lee Starr)
  6. Somewhere In A Small Town” (Conner Smith, Zach Crowell, Hunter Phelps)

Conner Smith’s debut EP ‘Didn’t Go Too Far” is out now.

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