Cole Swindell: ‘Stereotype Broken’ – Deluxe Album Review

Cole Swindell’s brand new deluxe album, Stereotype Brokenis out now, April 28th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below and check out our full review.

About a year after releasing his fourth studio album, ‘Stereotype’, Cole Swindell is sharing four more songs on the deluxe version, ‘Stereotype Broken’.  

The project kicks off with “Sad Ass Country Song”. Written by Swindell, Josh Miller, Matt Dragstrem, and Joel Hutsell, (who is the singer-songwriter’s good friend and bandmate), will take you right in the thick of a sad country music song while the singer is trying to get over a failed relationship. Starting off with an epic pedal steel guitar solo, Swindell makes references to not only the classics, he also wishes legends Keith Whitley, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings were with him as they’ve been through similar heartbreak situations. It’s such a unique twist on a heartbreak song that hasn’t been done before. It certainly shows Swindell’s talent and shows off his drive to put his own spin on things.

“I’m bluer than that neon up on the wall\ Drownin’ my sorrows in grain alcohol // Everywhere I show up, I bring em’ all down // Like a pedal steel follows me around // I’d be better off the jukebox // Then here on this stool top // ‘Cause girl, ever since you’ve been gone // I’m a walkin’, talkin’, honky-tonkin’, sad ass country song”

Next up is “Broken”.  At first glance, you may think it is going to be a breakup song. However, it’s quite the opposite. Written by Swindell, Hillary Lindsey, Chris LaCorte, and Cole Taylor, this song  shares a great message, being our hearts aren’t meant to be broken. They are meant to be loved. The Georgia native does a great job of  reassuring the audience someone is out there to bring us up, not down.

“Wasn’t meant to be broken // Wasn’t meant to be in pieces // It was made to be loved // Done by someone who’ll never leave it”

The third track is the previously released track “Drinkaby”. In a recent press release, Swindell shared that he has envisioned this song as a show opener and that’s exactly what it should be. Written by Hunter Phelps, Jon Pardi, Jordan Schmidt, and Hardy, this is one of the most upbeat breakup songs we’ve heard. The track is about heading down to the bar and enjoying all the drinks including whiskey, tequila, bourbon, and more to get over a broken heart. Intertwining childhood memories with heartache, this track is for sure to climb the charts quickly.

 “Hush little cowboy, don’t you cry // Bartender’s got you some whiskey on ice // And if that whiskey ain’t a big enough pour // Drink another and another ’til you lay down on the floor // Come on // This is my drinkaby”

The final bonus track is “She Had Me At Heads Carolina – Remix”. You may be asking yourself how could Swindell make this number one song even better? By adding Jo Dee Messina, the original artist of the 1996 hit “Heads Carolina, Tails California”, to the track is how. Swindell and Messina’s voices blend together perfectly and Messina’s solos certainly show why the original song is not only a classic, but continues to be a favorite.

Swindell has a busy summer and fall planned. Starting this month, he is joining Thomas Rhett on the road for the Home Team Tour 23. Then in October will headline the 12 Tour where he is hitting 12 cities and will play 12 different sets. Nate Smith, Conner Smith and Avery Anna will be joining him and that will certainly be a show to see! 

Stereotype is filled with so many incredible songs, it only made sense to release the deluxe version. You can tell Swindell put a lot of effort into this album and wanted to show his fans a more vulnerable side to him while also staying true to who he is as an artist. 

Damn Love Track List:

  1. Sad Ass Country Song
  2. Broken
  3. Drinkaby
  4. Stereotype
  5. Every Beer
  6. Never Say Never (with Lainey Wilson)
  7. She Had Me at Heads Carolina
  8. Sayin’ You Love Me
  9. I’m Gonna Let Her
  10. Down to the Bar (featuring Hardy)
  11. How Is She
  12. Miss Wherever
  13. Single Saturday Night
  14. Some Habits
  15. Girls Go Crazy
  16. Walk on Whiskey
  17. She Had Me at Heads Carolina (Remix)

Cole Swindell releases his deluxe album, ‘Stereotype Broken,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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