Cole Swindell: ‘Stereotype’ – Album Review

Cole Swindell’s brand new album, Stereotypeis out now, April 8th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

After four years, Cole Swindell has released his fourth studio album, Stereotype. Filled with heartbreak and love, this is one of Swindell’s most passionate and personal projects to date.

When you look up the word stereotype in the dictionary, it is defined as a “simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group”. On this album, Swindell wants us to see that there is more to people then who society labels them as.

He does a great job starting with the title track.  Written by Swindell, Michael Hardy and Jordan Schmidt, “Stereotype” is upbeat and about falling in love with a country girl who has many different layers to her. “Girl Gone Crazy” shares a similar message. Accompanied by crisp guitar solos, it reminds you that everyone is going through something, and you can’t judge them for their actions. We’ve all done something out of character and that shouldn’t be who we are defined as.

“Save your psychopath and don’t judge that black dress book by the tear straight cover girl // Cause she’s a small town mama lovin’ settle down house on a hill and raise up a couple of babies // She’s living proof that some stupid boys the only reason a girl goes crazy”.

From breaking stereotypes to falling in love, Swindell allows us to see a vulnerable side of him. Pouring his heart and powerful vocals into ballad tracks “I’m Gonna Let Her” and “Some Habits,” you can tell that he is genuinely happy and ready to take the next steps in his relationship. 

The singer-songwriter also reminds us that not every relationship lasts and everyone goes through a heartbreak.   “How is She” is one of the most heartfelt breakup songs out there. It’s about asking how your ex is doing so well while you are still coping with a broken heart.

“How is she making friends, making rent // I gotta know // How is she doing fine, smiling in all her pictures // How is she getting drunk and not sending one damn I miss ya”

It’s no secret that the Georgia Native is a huge 90’s country fan as he always showcases his love with a set during his live shows. The track “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” honors that along with Jo Dee Messina’s song, “Heads California, Tails California”. It’s about falling in love with a girl who sings this at karaoke and has a love for 90s country. The guitar, drums, and lyrics will have you up and dancing every time you hit play.

“Every Beer” is a reminder that these past couple of years have been tough on everyone and has really opened your eyes to enjoy every moment of what you have. This song reminds you to live in the moment, take that trip, live with no regrets.

“Call your momma // See the world // Get the tattoo // Kiss the girl // Count your blessings // Thank your stars”

Swindell certainly knows how to pick artists to accompany him on his music. Teaming up with fellow artist and award-winning songwriter, HARDY for “Down to the Bar”, the two show us how to get over a broken heart with a few drinks. While they may not sing conjointly, the two still fit well together alternating with each verse and chorus.  They are the perfect duo and we would join them for a drink anytime! He also teamed up with fellow award-winning artist Lainey Wilson for their duet “Never Say Never”. While they have their own unique voices, their vocals blend together perfectly creating a hit. It’s no wonder it is quickly climbing the charts.

Closing out the album, “Walk on Whiskey” is one of the purest, most honest songs about coping with losing a loved one. Swindell lost his mom in September, and he pours out his emotions in this beautiful acoustic track. It shares a heartfelt message of while the people who mean the most to you can’t be here forever, they’ll always be watching over you.

Stereotype is filled with so many incredible songs including number one song “Single Saturday Night”. You can tell that this album means a lot to Swindell and he put his blood, sweat, and tears into it. It was certainly worth the four-year wait.

Stereotype Tracklist:

  1. Stereotype
  2. Every Beer
  3. Never Say Never (Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson)
  4. She Had Me At Heads Carolina
  5. Sayin’ You Love Me
  6. I’m Gonna Let Her
  7. Down To The Bar (feat. HARDY)
  8. How Is She
  9. Miss Whatever
  10. Single Saturday Night
  11. Some Habits
  12. Girl Goes Crazy
  13. Walk On Whiskey

Cole Swindell’s new album ‘Stereotype’ is out now.

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