Chayce Beckham: ‘Doin’ It Right’ – EP Review

Chayce Beckham’ debut EP, Doin’ It Right, is out now, April 15th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

After winning season 19 of American Idol, Chayce Beckham released a handful of original songs, including his coronation song, “23,” and a steamy duet with labelmate Lindsay Ell. Today, April 15, the gravel-voiced singer-songwriter and 2022 Country Swag Artist to Watch releases his debut EP, Doin’ It Right, with BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records. 

For Beckham, the six song collection reflects his growth since winning the television show, his time spent in Nashville, and the story of the everyman. “Since my season on American Idol, I’ve been busy in Nashville writing songs and touring,” says Beckham in a statement. “I tested these songs in front of live audiences last year, and now I’m so excited to have them recorded and ready for you to listen to. I’m really proud of these songs, and I believe they not only tell my story, but they tell stories relatable to everyone going through everyday life.”

Beckham co-wrote four of the EP’s six tracks, and enlisted an army of Nashville’s biggest names to complete the project. Writers featured here include the likes of Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne, Will Hoge, Ben Hayslip, Hillary Lindsay, and more.

Opening with “Where the River Goes,” the California native immediately sets the stage for the collection with this twangy and laid back tune. Here, he’s ready to leave his troubles behind and spend some time lost out in nature. He’s escaping it all, as he proclaims, “I’m going where the river goes // Where I’ll end up // Nobody knows.”

A common theme of the EP is living life and living it well, which weaves its way through tracks including “Doin’ It Right” and previously released, “Tell Me Twice.” On the EP’s vibrant title track, Beckham proclaims that life is about enjoying the small moments. Meanwhile, “Tell Me Twice” is one of the album’s clear highlights. On the introspective ode to enjoying the simpler things in life, Beckham’s voice soars over slide guitar and stunning female background vocals. “You know how it goes, after every low comes a high,” He proclaims. “That’s life // You better hold on // And hold on tight // You don’t have to tell me twice.”

“I’ll Take the Bar” finds Beckham struggling with the aftermath of a breakup in a small town. Lyrically, the track is a brilliant variation on the typical drinking breakup song. Written solely by Jordan Walker, the slow burning ballad builds as Beckham is ready to drown his sorrows over the woman who left him. Here, he cleverly divides their town, “There’s gotta be a way to split up this town // It might sound crazy, baby, but hear me out // I’ll take the backroads // You take Main Street // You can have the steak house // I’ll take the Dairy Queen,” He proposes. “Yeah you take care of yourself // I’ll take what’s left of my heart // Baby you take it easy // And I’ll take it hard // You take off // And I’ll take the bar.”

The EP ends with the explosively catchy “Love to Burn,” an intoxicating uptempo that’s sure to highlight the singer-songwriter’s live shows. With its building chorus and anthemic lyrics, “Love to Burn” sounds like an immediate hit and ends the EP on a glorious high note.

When Chayce Beckham took to social media to announce this project, he shared that there was something for everyone on it, and that couldn’t be more accurate. “I worked so hard writing these songs and there’s even a couple on there I didn’t write, and I’m so honored I got to be the artist to record them. After a long day at work, I hope y’all can roll your windows down and listen to this EP track for track and just feel good,” he writes. “There’s a breakup song, a where I’m from song, a love song, a river song, I tried to put all the vibes in one place for ya.”

While the EP may be named after its title track, it’s safe to say that when it comes to his new music, Chayce Beckham is definitely “doin’ it right.”

Doin’ It Right Track Listing:
1. “Where The River Goes” (Chayce Beckham, Brice Long, Ben Hayslip, Jacob Rice)*
2. “Doin’ It Right” (Chayce Beckham, Andy Albert, Lindsay Rimes)^
3. “Tell Me Twice” (Chayce Beckham, Isley Juber, Ross Copperman)*
4. “I’ll Take The Bar” (Jordan Walker)*
5. “Talk To Me” (Hillary Lindsey, Will Hoge, Tom Douglas)*
6. “Love To Burn” (Chayce Beckham, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)*


Chayce Beckham’s brand new debut EP, ‘Doin’ It Right’ is out now.

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