Chase Matthew: ‘Always Be Mine’ – EP Review

Chase Matthew releases his new EP, Always Be Mine, out now, July 4th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

Warner Music Nashville recording artist Chase Matthew continues to release music that speaks to his talent and attracts more and more followers. Today, the singer-songwriter is sharing a brand new EP called Always Be Mine. The record features five new songs.

The record kicks off with the title track, a nostalgic song that feels summer-ready. Despite the bittersweet message in the song, the track feels like the perfect groove for the summer season. “Always Be Mine” fits in effortlessly with Matthew’s previous, nostalgic releases.

“You’ll always be try senior year summer // You’ll always be my can’t believe I got your number // You’ll always be that tear in a bench seat // Wine in a Dixie // First girl I told I love her // You’ll always be the one I saw forever with // You’ll always be the one my momma would picked // Yeah you’ll always be the one I’m // talking to the sun ‘bout // why’d it have to end like this”

The bittersweet feeling is evident on the next song of the project called “First.” Matthew laments on how it feels to miss an old lover; despite, trying to get over her. With lyrics like, “it’s hard to love anybody else, when I loved you first,” the song hits you right in your chest with that all-to-familiar heartache.

Matthew brings some edge to track three, “Crazy Girls.” The song is the perfect embodiment of falling in love with the wild and crazy girls aka the girls that will burn your house down. As the only song not co-written by the singer, “Crazy Girls” fits into the project perfectly.

One of the standout songs on the record is “Saltwater Cinderella.” “This Always Be Mine EP came together somewhat spontaneously, and ‘Saltwater Cinderella’ is a great example of inspiration striking me in the moment,” shared the singer in a recent press release, “I wrote that one with close friends as I was headed down to Florida for BMI’s Key West Songwriters Festival. It’s a fun summer song about those girls that love to spend time at the beach. Hope y’all get out on the water and turn it up!”

“And her nicotine // Ain’t blowing smoke / The sand on her feet // A little Toby Keith on the radio // She’s a saltwater Cinderella // One kiss is all it takes // When she’s swimming in the water // Heaven ain’t far away // She’s the beauty queen of the ocean // Hit ya’ like at idol wave // Sunshine when it’s storming // Kissing her in the rain // Saltwater Cinderella // My saltwater Cinderella”

Matthew closes out the EP with a slower song called “How You Been (Letter To The County Line Girl).” The song is a heartfelt and honest one-sided conversation to the girl the singer wrote his song, “County Line” about. Arguably the best song on the project, Matthew shows off his songwriting girt, as well as, his ability to convey emotion in his music.

“Do your friends still think I”m crazy // We never cared we were so in love // Is your car still running on empty // While my minds still running on us // I still hear your voice singing to me // As you were playing on your Gibson guitar // I’m not here to tell you something that we should be // It’s just been weighing on my heart // I don’t miss what we had back when // But how you been”

Overall, Always Be Mine solidifies Matthew’s incredible talent. While we were already fans of the singer, this EP makes us root for him even harder! Anyone who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, needs to get to it ASAP!

Always Be Mine EP Tracklist:

  1. Always Be Mine (Chase Matthew, Jacob Durrett, Andy Albert, Jaxson Free, Taylor Phillips)*
  2. First (Chase Matthew, Jacob Rice, Ben Hayslip, David Lee Murphy)^
  3. Crazy Girls (Michael Hardy, Jessie Jo Dillon, Daniel Ross)+
  4. Saltwater Cinderella (Chase Matthew, Jacob Rice, Alex Maxwell, Will Pattat)^
  5. How You Been (Letter To The County Line Girl) (Chase Matthew, Alex Maxwell, Will Pattat, Philip Morgan, West Webb)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “How You Been (Letter To The County Line Girl)”
  2. “First”
  3. “Saltwater Cinderella”

Chase Matthew shares new EP, ‘Always Be Mine,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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