Brett Eldredge Tells Emotional Story with “Sunday Drive”

Brett Eldredge Sunday Drive

When a song moves you in a way that it feels like it’s telling your story, it’s one of the most special feelings. It’s a reminder of how big the world is, and yet, how small it is — that we feel the same things and share so many similar chapters. Brett Eldredge’s new LP Sunday Drive is out July 10th, and today he shared the title track with fans two weeks early.

“Sunday Drive” is not the typical modern country cut.  Clocking in just shy of 5 minutes, it’s is a gorgeous and evocative piano-and-strings song about looking back on your childhood and learning how to see life from your parent’s point of view. You listen to their favorite music, look at the scenery, and hear their thoughtful conversations. “And we were only young but they were trying hard to reach us/How was I to know that there was something so worth keeping?” The roles reverse as both Eldredge and his parents get older. Eldredge helps them to the backseat and takes his parents on that same drive they went on as a family all those years ago. “And I listened as they reminisced,” he sings on the third verse. “About a world that they had always known/And how it’s changing/Probably never gonna be the same again”.

Eldredge didn’t write the song; it was written by Barry Dean, Don Mescall, and Steve Robson. “Many years ago, I was an intern at universal music publishing where I worked in the basement tape room transferring CDs into MP3s,” Eldredge explained in a press release. “I loved listening to all of the incredible songwriters’ songs and was always blown away by what people could create from their soul. One day I stumbled upon this song called “Sunday Drive,” and I was stopped in my tracks. I couldn’t believe a song could be written by someone else but feel like every word and melody was every part of my life existence. I secretly/selfishly hoped and prayed no one would record it so that one day when the time was right, I could record it and make it something extremely special.”

When you’re a kid growing up, all you can hope for is to be just like your parents. Or maybe it’s the complete opposite; you want to learn so you don’t make their same mistakes. You want to be the best version of yourself and make them proud. Sometimes, it may feel like you don’t need your family as much as you used to. But as Eldredge says, “…that’s where I learned it all, from them/To fight, to love, to laugh again/Man, I thought we were only wasting time/Out on a Sunday drive”.

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