Brett Eldredge: ‘Songs About You’ – Album Review + Interview

Brett Eldredge’s new album, Songs About You is officially out now, June 17th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the record below and check out our full review.

Brett Eldredge first came on to the country music scene with his soulful voice and unique perspective when storytelling, and all these years later, that is still what makes him stand out. His first three records were more modern country-pop records, including his self-titled junior album, Brett Eldredge. That project is when he began to lean even more into his soulful side, and his phenomenal 2020 release Sunday Drive felt like a total cumulation of his love for americana, jazz, and, country music.

Lyrically, Songs About You is also incredibly strong. If Sunday Drive dipped a toe into a new sonic pool, Songs About You dove in wholeheartedly. It’s country meets blue-eyed soul. The album opens with the ecstaticly fun, big-band esque, “Can’t Keep Up”.

“Pour me a glass of somethin’ special // I’m in the mood to celebrate // Dance like the devil went down to Georgia // ’Cause he can’t keep up with hell we raise”

Written with longtime collaborator Heather Morgan and producer Nathan Chapman, the song is filled with horns, rhythmic, layered percussion, rowdy gang vocals, and more. It is a fantastic opening song, leaving listeners excited for the remaining 11 tracks.

“Songs About You”, the title track, is the second song on the record, and while a good portion of the record is romantic and intoxicating, there are hints of heartbreak scattered throughout. This is one of those moments. Eldredge describes that some of these songs weren’t just written about his life, but written for his fans’ lives. “That’s why I [write], for that connection, and hopefully, helping people through their lives, dance when they need to dance, cry when they need to cry,” he explained to us in recent conversation. “That’s where the title came [from], and that’s the you in these songs. Hopefully, [fans] are looking back on these songs 20 years from now and remembering that part of their life.”

“Hideaway”, the fifth track on the record is a gorgeous, simple, true songwriter’s song about leaving your anxieties and hardships behind to go somewhere to “hide away”. The album in general dances between moments of finding love, dodging heartbreak and learning to live with your anxious ghosts. This song leans towards the latter, and it’s sweet guitar is sonically, a high point on the record.

“I’ve been falling apart // Sure could use a new start // Yeah I’ll follow the needle from your steady heart”

“If I’m not writing music as therapy, then I’m listening,” he shared with us recently. “Writing, I go through stages to where I am deep in a certain place in my life where I am really reflective, like on ‘Sunday Drive’… kind of breaking down what makes me who I am and the things that hold me back… this record was sort of stepping into the confidence zone of my life and of being there for myself, and knowing my heart. It all becomes parts of therapy and self-empowering…. Music’s a magical thing.” This mindset is heard throughout the entirety of Songs About You, but really stands out on a song like “Hideaway”.

Songs like “Where Do I Sign” or “Home Sweet Love” have those old-time, Sinatra-inspired feelings that Eldredge has always been so drawn to. It’s exciting to hear those influences in his original songs this time around, and this new jazzy, bluesy sound that is heard on Songs About You seems very natural for him. The combination of this sound and his love for Americana and modern country is such an interesting sonic cocktail.

“Being vulnerable in the public eye, it’s scary sometimes, but I’ve learned to chase it,” Eldredge shares. “It’s empowering for sure, and makes me want to talk about it more, and you realize everybody is just trying to make it through this life together…. it’s the most human thing possible. I want to be here to be a voice for that.”

Without a doubt the standout of the record is the closer, “Where The Light Meets the Sea”, co-written with longtime collaborator Jordan Reynolds. Gorgeous piano by Ian Fichituk fills listeners ears and Sarah Buxton’s beautiful rich voice joins him on background harmonies.  It’s like an older brother of 2017 song “Castaway”. The song could be interpreted in several different ways. It could be about a breakup, or even something as dark as death, but it also could be about one’s battle with anxiety and depression and the decisions that come with living with both.

“All your friends say that you should be movin’ on // I hate to say it, but darlin’, I agree // I was broken but I finally found my peace // In the place where the light meets the sea”

“Being defined less by the work that I do and more so the person that I am…. that defines my music. I wanted to create a record that encourages others to find their self-acceptance, and not be so hard on yourself. There are songs on this record that are about standing up for yourself against the worries in your mind, and being there for you. That’s been a powerful thing for me.”

Eldredge once again continues to be brave in his storytelling and lays it all on the line for fans. He showcases both his highs and his lows unapologetically. It’s important to note that Songs About You is not as risky as previous album Sunday Drive. When listening to that record, it felt like holding your breath underwater. This record is the aftermath of that – when you emerge from the water and take that first deep breath. Eldredge is continuing to find himself in his writing, as an artist, and as a person, and Songs About You successfully continues Eldredge’s ongoing journey.

Songs About You Tracklist:

  1. Can’t Keep Up
  2. Songs About You
  3. I Feel Fine
  4. What Else Ya Got
  5. Hideaway
  6. Get Out Of My House
  7. Home Sweet Love
  8. Want That Back
  9. Wait Up For Me
  10. Where Do I Sign
  11. Holy Water
  12. Where The Light Meets The Seat

Brett Eldredge’s new album, ‘Songs About You’ is out now.

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