5 Things To Know About Brett Eldredge’s New Album ‘Songs About You’

Brett Eldredge’s brand new album, Songs About You is due out TONIGHT, June 17th at midnight! Based on a recent conversation we had with the singer-songwriter, we are sharing 5 things to know about the new record and this stage of his life.

Country Swag's Stephanie Wagner with Brett Eldredge

Country Swag’s Stephanie Wagner with Brett Eldredge

  1. Sonically, this record is different than his previous four. 

“I like to try and take every record to a different place any chance I can because I don’t want to do the same thing over and over. This record gave me that opportunity, and since Sunday Drive, it gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into what I do and go after the things I haven’t gotten to do yet. I really got to take some chances.”

  1. This project isn’t just for Eldredge, it’s songs anybody can relate to, and he wants it to be universal.

“This record was [such a] wide variety of emotions, and really, I thought to myself, ‘I write the songs, and I love to sing… but at the end of the day, these songs are about you. These are songs for the people that are listening to it. That’s why I do it, for that connection, and hopefully, helping people through their lives.”

  1. Being a vulnerable and authentic writer and artist is incredibly important to Eldredge. 

“I was kind of trying to find that self-love and that kid that I kind of ignored for a long time because you’re just chasing your love for music, which is amazing, but you’re also chasing the pressures…. you want to make everybody happy. But I felt empty. So I had to do that work, and Sunday Drive was the start of that work for me. Songs About You is the [true] stepping into myself in a way I never even could have imagined that I could. Going through making this record, I’ve never felt more confident in myself, what I’m doing, the music I’m making, but more importantly, the kind of person that I am away from all the music. Being defined less by the work that I do and more so the person that I am.”

  1. The album’s closer “Where The Light Meets the Sea” was originally written for Sunday Drive.

“It’s the only older song for the record. It’s a song that I wrote five years ago with Jordan Reynolds… it was one of my favorite moments writing a song. We recorded that, and it was so good that we were gonna put it on Sunday Drive, but “Sunday Drive” [the song] was the heartbeat of that record and I wanted [this song] to have a big moment on a future record, so I saved it.”

  1. Eldredge’s music taste is incredibly eclectic and listening to music can be like therapy for him.

“If I’m not writing music as therapy, then I’m listening. I usually go to nostalgic music that makes me feel like there’s magic in the world. I love Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’; it gets me to a great place. It’s like a gratitude song…. I’ll listen to some Sinatra, Ray Charles, that helps me get out of a funk sometimes. Music’s a magical thing.”


Brett Eldredge’s newest album, ‘Songs About You’ is due out this Friday, June 17th

Check back in on Friday, June 17th, for a full review of Brett Eldredge’s new album Songs About You.

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