On the “Water” with Brad Paisley & Kane Brown

Kane Brown Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley gave Jones Beach another unforgettable night out on the water and for some fans, in the water. The venue started to fill in quickly once Kane Brown took the stage singing “Found You” and by the end of his 45-minute set there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Brown thanked the crowd for coming out and said, “This is my third time playing here and I’ll tell you there’s no better place to be on a Friday than Jones Beach baby, Come on!”.

Brown continued to get the crowd fired up by going old school. “Guys I’m gonna try to get y’all singing a little more alright, we gotta get Brad Paisley ready to come out here so I’m going to take you back to my middle school days!”. He started off singing the hit song “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars, getting everyone up off their feet to sing along. Then Brown transitioned to “Ms. Jackson” by OutKast and brought it home with The Fray’s “Over My Head”. To no surprise, the crowd loved the old school renditions and sang back every word. Along with the covers, Brown sang his hits like “Heaven”, “Used to Love You Sober”, “Learning”, and his new single “Lose It”. Last but not least he closed his set singing a solo version of his duet with Lauren Alaina called “What If’s”, leaving the crowd not only wanting more but pumped for who was coming up next.

Brad Paisley

Next up was the headliner himself, Brad Paisley. As the music started, the band began to take their spots leaving Paisley to make a solo entrance at the top of the stage singing “Mud On the Tires”. There was no stopping him, he played straight through his songs “Ticks”, “The World”, “Perfect Storm”, “Water”, “Last Time for Everything”, and “Old Alabama”. Paisley’s guitar solos were unbelievable, creating the perfect transition into each song he played. At one point during the show, someone from his team gave him a bottle of beer in which he showed off his skills and shredded the guitar with it. The country legend was not one to disappoint when it came down to putting the best show on for his fans. He had a ton of energy on stage and tried to get as close to the crowd as possible.

When it came time for Paisley to talk to the crowd he put on his best New York accent and said, “It’s great to be here tonight, here in Long Island it’s a great place, it’s a really nice place you got here.” He then went on to praise the concert goers in the pit saying, “By the way thank you for the people in the front row standing in 5 inches of water right now I appreciate you!”. As the night went on he continued to play his hits like “This is Country Music”, “Love and War”, and “American Saturday Night”. He also brought Kane Brown back to the stage to help him perform his song “I’m Still a Guy”. The two singers together brought a little comedy to the show by going through a fan’s phone in the middle of the song. Even with Brown off stage Paisley continued to interact with the crowd telling jokes.

Brad Paisley Kane Brown

For some lucky fans, Friday was a night to never forget. Paisley had not one but two proposals happen on his watch. One which was on stage with him before the song “She’s Everything”. He also made the night of a lucky little girl by giving her one of his guitars. After he gave her the guitar he said, “Learn how to play it little girl”, telling the crowd, “That is how you make a Taylor Swift right there!”. Along with making the little girl’s night, he brought out some men and women from the military on stage to thank them and offer them some drinks from his on-stage bar. With the night coming to the end he thanked the crowd again saying, “We’ve had the best time, we love playing up here and we hope you had fun!”, closing out the night with his song “Alcohol”.



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