Alex Hall: ‘Six Strings’ – EP Review

Alex Hall’s debut project, an EP titled Six Strings, has been released after three consecutive single releases to tease this highly anticipated collection, which is entirely made up of collaborations with all dignified yet stylistically diverse country music acts.

Alex Hall, a signed artist with Monument Records, has been gearing up for this Six Strings EP release in order to appropriately introduce himself to the music community. With three out of the six numbers separately presented as single releases, followers and country music listeners are now given the remaining pieces of the puzzle. This collection of music is the first from the Georgia native that grants a tracklist, making it somewhat of an inaugural debut into the incomparable and delicately intoxicating voice wholly presented in this eclectic, intriguing production.

To add to the talk of this highly anticipated and long-awaited project, Six Strings is a collaborative one that involves some of the best from the genre such as musical icon Vince Gill, universal entertainer, and 11-time CMA host Brad Paisley and the lyrically ornate Canadian sweetheart Tenille Townes.

Alex Hall's Debut EP ‘Six Strings’ is out now, February 4th

Alex Hall’s Debut EP ‘Six Strings’ is out now, February 4th

“Jealous Love”, acting as the first of the litter being that it was released directly following the announcement of Six Strings, ultimately finds itself third in the lineup of songs. Nonetheless, the track that features John Osborne of Brothers Osborne captures an electrifying, old-time jukebox rock ‘n roll sound that made room at the table of anticipation for upcoming music from Hall.

In early December, another stylistic unveiling took place with “Never Seen the World” where Vince Gill assisted in implementing a fragile, unguarded tenderness that showcased the variety and multi-accessible storyteller in this “Half Past You” singer. “Heart Shut”, an invigorating ballad intertwined with Tenille Townes’ soft, charming rasp executes the same approach with a tug at a different yet nearby heartstring.

The closing production fulfills a faraway, individualistic concept heavily dependent on lyrics and thoughtful storytelling. “Runs in the Family” mixed with a flattering background vocal from Kassi Ashton, the “Pretty Shiny Things” upcoming female country artist, ensures listeners of Hall’s maturity while dipping into the shallow end of his upbringing.

A message appears nearing the finishing touches on the track. It’s as if “Runs in the Family” was written intentionally for the final slot. With Hall covering this specific idea and utilizing several instances to support the claim, it’s almost as if he’s telling fans that there’s more to the story. That there’s more he has to say, and we can’t wait for it.

Six Strings provides country music with a sense of identity as to who this slicked back hair, voice of an angel, from the other side of the music is… and who he may become. With a hand in songwriting and production, there’s bound to be plenty more to learn about and from Hall through music.

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Six Strings is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music‘ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.