5 Things to Expect from Thomas Rhett’s Album ‘Where We Started’

Thomas Rhett’s brand new album, Where We Started is due out TONIGHT, April 1st at midnight! Based on a recent conversation we had with the 5x GRAMMY-nominated superstar, we are sharing 5 things to know about the new record and this stage of his life.


1. ‘Where We Started’ is a project that feels different for Rhett while still remaining true to his sound. 

“This album seemed to be such a great middle-ground between [Country Side A & B], very versatile. I feel like this record has literally a song for everybody on there, all types of different emotions, not only from a lyrical standpoint but from a melody standpoint. It’s one of my favorite records I got to be a part of.”


2. The single, “Slow Down Summer” was actually inspired because of the seasonal transition to fall.

“We were in Montana on a writing trip and it was October. We really didn’t know what to write. We were kind of half fly fishing, half trying to write songs, and we were in the living room, and I noticed obviously that the leaves were changing and someone said, ‘I wish summer would slow down’. As a songwriter, you hear words like that, and you’re like, maybe we should try to write that.”


3. Rhett is very proud of the stories told on this record. 

“I think lyrically, this record is extremely well written, and maybe I’m biased, but I really do feel like we dug in on the deeper tracks and we wrote from a place of clear honesty.”


4. Thomas Rhett is spending less time on social media now that he is a Dad.

“I’ve been blessed with an amazing family, blessed with an amazing decade of being able to play shows and make music, but I think that as my kids get older, it does become more challenging to do as much as I used to. I still try to keep up on social media, but at the same time, when I am on social media a lot, then I am neglecting something else. And I think my kids will always take precedence over that stuff.”


5. Being an artist is very important to TR, but nothing is more sacred to him than being a father and a husband. 

“I want to make sure that as my kids get older and stuff they know that they were always chosen first over whatever. That’s the kind of Dad that I want to be known as by them for sure, and especially as a husband that’s present as well. My family has done a great job at allowing me to continue to work and continuing to play shows and allow myself to put smiles on people’s faces on a Friday night, and so that’s what I plan to keep doing.”



Thomas Rhett’s new album, ‘Where We Started’ is due out April 1st

Thomas Rhett’s brand new album, Where We Started is due out everywhere Friday, April 1st. Check back for our full album review of the new project.

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