5 Things to Expect from Dustin Lynch’s New Album ‘Blue In The Sky’

Dustin Lynch’s fifth studio album, Blue In The Sky is out now, released on February 11th. Here are five things to expect from the project.

  1. Dustin Lych included the new version of his 6-week #1 song “Thinking ‘Bout You” with Mackenzie Porter on Blue In The Sky. 

“I remember in October being like ‘we’re done for the year’, and it was like another gear was set. All of a sudden November was TV, and an award show performance [with Mackenzie], and it was a lot of fun… to have a 6-week #1 is something you can’t predict or expect… it’s definitely a song to be proud of.”

  1. The new album was written mostly summer into fall, and many of the songs are a result of a writer retreat Lynch went on.

“The writing retreat gave us a song called “Tennessee Trouble” – we wrote that one in Park City, and we literally wrote the song on the last day of the retreat. Throughout covid, the creative process was completely different from what I’m used to. Usually, I’m writing when I’m out on the road.”

  1. Some of the songs come as a result from Lynch breaking up with his girlfriend over covid. 

“I was in a relationship, my girlfriend moved in with me because we didn’t know if the world was going to end, we learn how to live together, we break up, I get through those weeds and embrace going out with the boys again, and so I come out on the other side of that relationship knowing a lot more about what I want out of life.”

  1. His proudest writing moment on the album is “Pasadena”. 

“One of the coolest moments for me as a creative, just as a songwriter in Nashville is Pasadena, because I wrote that song in 2013, and it just shows you that as we write songs… timing is just a huge thing and so is this wonderful journey we’re on of creating. I wrote that song after playing a Rodeo show in Pasadena.”

  1. While the album has a lot of fun, light moments, Lynch definitely shows a bit of a darker side of himself on this record too. 

“One of my driving forces these last few years while making music was let’s make it fun… I don’t wanna bring the crowd down too much in a live show. Even if we’re writing about a breakup, I try to steer it from the darker tones… [but] ‘Break It on a Beach’ is definitely the most autobiographical song we have on here. It’s literally how [my breakup] went down. I didn’t want to carry on [a relationship] that wasn’t right for me or her [and that’s what the song is about].”


Dustin Lynch’s new album ‘Blue In The Sky,’ out this Friday.

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