5 Things to Expect from Drake White’s Album ‘The Optimystic’

As we wait for Drake White’s second studio album, THE OPTIMYSTIC to be released March 11th, we chatted with the singer-songwriter to learn more about the record. Check out 5 things to expect here…

1. This is his first album since 2016, and second full studio album. 

“I [was inspired]… I wanted to write 2-3 songs a day, I couldn’t get enough.”

2. This project features a lot of independent songwriters.

“I’ve been so lucky and blessed to meet my people, you come to Nashville and hit the ground with your boots. Kelly Johnson, [for instance] is not signed, she came out here and took a leap of faith.”

3. He was able to incorporate his family into the project, selecting a rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

“My grandfather… he could play piano, he could jitterbug dance, he could preach these sermons… he was just amazing. I found his old sermons on tape and I started listening to them… he had this vernacular. This is sonic gold. In a Pink Floyd-esque way, I want to put these sermons on my record.”

4. After a stroke left White nearly paralyzed, he has recovered very well and has a whole new perspective on life, music, and touring. 

“It’s been a life-changing perspective shift for sure… this was the test. You don’t really know you’re optimistic until you go through something you have to battle test.”

5. White’s health problems and the pandemic resulted in him being even more inspired to write new music and release THE OPTIMYSTIC.

“I’ve had to keep a good sense of humor about it because of all of the things that have come our way recently…. you can’t go through a near-death experience like that or a pandemic without it changing your songwriting.”


Drake White’s new album ‘The Optimystic’ out this Friday, March 11th.

Check back in on Friday, March 11th, for a full review of Drake White’s THE OPTIMYSTIC.

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