5 Morgan Wallen Songs We Wish We Heard on Country Radio

With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorite Morgan Wallen songs that we wish we heard on country radio. Check it out below.

  1. “Happy Hour” – If I Know Me

In this fun bar tune, Wallen sings about a recent breakup. The ex-girlfriend may think he’s in a “deep and dark depression,” but instead he’s at Happy Hour because “happy ours” is over.


  1. “Had Me By Halftime” – If I Know Me

Although in reverse order, this deep cut from his debut album feels like the sequel to his new song “Tennessee Fan” from his latest project. In “Had Me By Halftime,” the singer admires the girl’s passion for the team, so much so that he finds himself watching her cheer on the team more than the team itself. A perfect song to blast at a football tailgate!


  1. “865” – Dangerous: The Double Album

If Tommy Tutone can make “867-5309” the most memorable phone number in the world, Wallen can make 865-409-1021 a close second. For the singer in this track, it doesn’t matter what he’s drinking—it will cause him to dial those ten digits and attempt to persuade her to come over and spend the night. A relatable result of drinking for many going through a breakup.


  1. “Somethin’ Country” – Dangerous: The Double Album

In “Somethin’ Country”, this upbeat, rocking, southern-life anthem, the singer wants to show this girl the best parts about being unapologetically country. Wallen raps the second half of the chorus, making it a fun challenge for listeners to sing along to. 


  1. “Bandaid On A Bullet Hole” – Dangerous: The Double Album

Initially released as a bonus track exclusively on the Target-edition of Dangerous, this somber ballad features a man going through a breakup. Every quick-fix effort fails, stating trying to patch his heart up with whiskey and old country songs is like putting a band-aid on a bullet hole. A funny comparison to a gloomy message.


BONUS: “He Went To Jared” – HARDY ft. Morgan Wallen

Best friends, Wallen and HARDY have many songs together, but none more iconic than this track off HARDY’s Hixtape Vol. 1. This story is about a girl who ran off with another guy because he was more sophisticated than the protagonist. One went to college and got a well-paying white-collar job, while the  other is working in fields every day until sundown making ends-meet. The duo uses great writing techniques to make this a fun and extremely catchy song that is almost impossible not to sing along with. 


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