5 Luke Combs Songs That Should Have Been Singles

In his incredible career, Luke Combs has certified himself as a bonafide superstar. With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorites that did not quite make it to country radio. Here are 5 Luke Combs songs that should have been singles.

  1. “This One’s for You” – This One’s for You

One of our favorite songs off Combs’ debut project just so happens to be the title track. The song is one of the most vulnerable songs in the singer-songwriter’s collection, and it would have made an incredible radio single!

  1. “Blue Collar Boys” – What You See Is What You Get

This fun-loving song on his sophomore record is the perfect summer day country song. Paying homage to blue-collar workers is as country as it gets!

  1. “Must’ve Never Met You” – This One’s for You

Another classic, Combs pours his heart out on this enticing break-up song. If you have ever been to a live show then you know that fans go crazy for this song.

  1. “Refrigerator Door” – What You See Is What You Get

When What You See Is What You Get, “Refrigerator Door” was a standout track on the album. Heartwarming and courageous, Combs’ song would have been sure to make it to the top of the charts.

  1. “I Got Away with You” – This One’s for You

“I Got Away With You” rounds out our list of songs that should have been singles. The romantic song fits in with the collection of incredible love songs that have hit number one on the country charts.


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