10 TV Deaths That We Will Never Get Over

Despite there being plenty of ways to write an actor off of a TV show, death is by far the most common. And I’m convinced it’s the reason we all have trust issues. Why we choose to subject ourselves to this torture is a mystery, but no matter how many times we claim to be done falling in love with a character, we all know it will happen time and time again.


Here are just some examples of TV deaths that we will never quite get over. 


*Warning: contains spoilers*





  1. Keith Scott (One Tree Hill). I can tell you exactly where I was sitting when I watched Dan murder his brother in cold blood in the hallway of Tree Hill High. I low-key lost faith in humanity and cried actual tears.
  2. Finn Hudson (Glee) The only thing more depressing than a high school choir losing a participant to death is the fact that the actor Corey Monteith actually died of a drug overdose. So many feels!!
  3. Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire) We all knew that watching gorgeous men and women run into burning buildings every week was dangerous but really?! Gabby’s best friend?! 
  4. Melissa Cooper (The OC) Is there anything more gut-wrenching than seeing Ryan carry her out of the burning car? Ugh. 
  5. Rayna James (Nashville) The queen of country’s sudden death after surviving multiple life-threatening situations felt like someone stole our firstborn child. And the scene of her family crowded by her bedside singing in perfect harmony was just plain cruel. 
  6. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) Watching fellow members of the Night’s Watch stab him after tricking him into coming outside was the ultimate betrayal. Can we trust no one in this life?
  7. Zoe Barnes (House of Cards) As if death by train isn’t bad enough, she had to be pushed in front of it. We still can’t decide if it was a brilliant or awful way to start a new season.
  8. William Hill (This Is Us) The moment we realized the father-son road trip was a final goodbye our hearts broke. Cancer blows, even on screen.
  9. Fred Andrews (Riverdale) The only thing worse than a TV death is when it’s necessary because the actor dies and can’t finish filming. No more so did this hit home then when Luke Perry tragically passed away. When the other actors cried at Fred’s funeral, you knew the tears were real and not just for the fictional character.
  10. EVERYONE (Grey’s Anatomy) It’s no secret that killing off fan favorites is Shonda Rhime’s number one hobby, but getting rid of half the cast (literally) is just plain wrong. And don’t even get us started on Derek…



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