10 Television Shows We Wish Were Still On Air

There are just some television shows we still find ourselves yearning for, years later. Here are 10 television shows we wish were still on air.

Television Shows

Warning! There might be some spoilers.


1. Friends
It’s a little known fact that our founder, managing editor, and some of our writers, LOVE Friends. Although the cast is working on a reunion special, there will never be anything that compares to the original. Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, and Phoebe continue to make us laugh, normalize our feelings and experiences, and make us feel understood, even over fifteen years since the show ended. Now if only Netflix would get the show back…

2. One Tree Hill
We cannot help but reminisce sometimes about this teenage drama that ruled our highschool days. OTH was truly one of a kind. The transition of the characters from high school to adulthood originally seemed like the doom of the show, but it somehow made it even better. The character development made it easy to root for and fall in love with the actors and actresses and let’s be honest, we still want to know what they’re all up to. Like what is Jamie, Nathan and Haley’s son doing nowadays?!

3. 8 Simple Rules
This sitcom might have only been on air for three seasons, but it was a good three seasons! Unfortunately, John Ritter, the actor that played the father, Paul Hennessy, unexpectedly passed away, leading show-writers to recreate the premise of the show. We will always wonder what the show was meant to be with Ritter in the lead role, but honestly, it was perfect the way it was, and we’d love to see a reboot!

4. House
Somehow sarcastic, brash, and brutally honest, Dr. Gregory House won the hearts of people everywhere. The medical-drama was on air for eight seasons, and honestly, it could have kept going. We’re sure House has more crazy, but correct diagnoses to give out to all his patients. However, we must admit, the show did get the ending both House and Wilson deserved.

5. Game of Thrones
Whether you liked the ending or not, Game of Thrones was an iconic show. The HBO series aired for eight years, and even though it ended, people are still talking about it and just as obsessed with it. There are so many spinoffs that are possible from the show, and quite honestly, we just have so many more questions that need answers!

6. Sex and the City
Sex and the City is a classic that we will never get tired of watching over and over again! The show is an absolute cult classic, and honestly, we think it would even be popular now if it were to reboot. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda will always remain four of the most iconic female characters to ever grace our television (and movie) screens. We cannot help but wonder what the characters would be up to now, as older and wiser women.

7. Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls was that feel-good show that just seems to not exist anymore. It was pure, fun-loving, sassy, and relatable, all wrapped up with sincere acting and interesting storylines. Although Netflix recently rebooted the show, giving an alternate ending to the series, it somehow feels like we always want to go back home to Stars Hollow.

8. Nashville
The musical drama, Nashville, aired for six seasons, both on ABC and CMT. The show gave fans an inside look into what the lives of musicians working to make it in Nashville really look like. The intricacy of the characters and the plot made the show so interesting and enticing to watch. Not to mention, the score for the show was catchy and ethereal all at once. With the popularity of the city of Nashville, we think the show would garner even more fans if it were to come back on the air!

9. Gossip Girl
Love it or hate it, Gossip Girl is a guilty pleasure! We wish they would reboot the show, and explain to us how the hell Dan Humphrey ended up being ‘Gossip Girl.’ Truth be told, the show was completely difficult to relate to for most, but yet it garnered more award nominations throughout its reign than we can even count. We wouldn’t mind stepping back in time, and watching the series all over again.

10. The Office
We would be remiss if we left the iconic show, The Office off our list. For nine seasons, the cast made us hysterically laugh and fall in love with the characters and the relationships all at once. The plot for the show was nothing short of brilliant, and we miss it every day. It’s no wonder that the show ended with over five million fans watching the finale!

What television shows do you wish were still on air? Let us know!



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