10 CMA Fest Essentials That You Must Have For The Week

CMA Fest

CMA Fest is kicking into gear this week and there are a ton of large artists that you will want to see, including some rising artists you cannot miss! With over 11 stages and venues to check out some of the tops acts, there is so much planning that goes into seeing everyone on your list. We want to make that a little easier and give you a guide on the top things you need to bring with you!

1. WATER!: Nashville gets so hot during these summer months and the humidity does not help. The festival does allow you to bring water bottles and/or refillable plastic water bottles into the concerts so take advantage of this so you are not buying a bottle every couple of hours!

2. Sun Protection: A hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses will be needed during the day. Luckily we got you covered! Our hat selection includes hats for all types of first responders and military, our logo, and a simple “country music.” Make sure you grab yours here!

3. Clear Bag: To make the most out of your day, pack everything you will need from sunrise to sunset because once you are in the middle of going from concert to concert, you will not want to make a trip back to the hotel because you forgot something. All CMA Fest stages have a clear bag policy. Make sure you check up on the size restrictions here so you don’t get sent home early!

4. Country Lyric Tee’s: Everyone wears their favorite artists’ t-shirts, make their own, and add song verses to wear around Nashville. We have some of our own too! Want a Day Drinking shirt? Check out our selection here and grabs yours.

5. Walking Shoes: You may think this is the perfect time to break out those new boots you bought on Broadway but you may want to think twice. Events can start as early as 9 am and go through midnight (or 2 am if Luke Bryan is up for it again!). You do not want your feet to have blisters on day one and cut the rest of your days short. Bring a pair of good tennis shoes so you can make it to all the acts.

6. Light Cover-Up: Even though it may be roasting during the day, you may want a light layer to put over you at night. We have a great “Whiskey Me Away” flannel that would look awesome in your Instagram photos and keep you covered up when it gets chillier!

7. Sharpie: Artists walk to and from events all day long so there is no telling who you might run into! If you’re a big autograph-seeker, you should always have a sharpie with you.

8. Portable Phone Charger: You do not want to be in the middle of recording Thomas Rhett sing about his wife or Eric Church being the outlaw himself and have your phone die. There are plenty of portable phone charger options that will fit right into your purse and you can charge between acts!

9. Wet Wipes: We had never heard of bringing these until the south’s humidity got to us. Having something that can wipe the sweat away during the day is a lifesaver, trust us!

10. Quick Snacks: Bringing something small like a granola bar, nut packs, or some dried fruit can be a game changer. With all the stages, fans, and other obstacles, you may not have time to run to the food trucks and back before the next act.

If you cannot make it to CMA Fest this year then we are providing some ways you can bring it to your neck of the woods! Whether it is making a summer playlist, catching it to TV, and more read here to see how you can still enjoy all the things CMA Fest offers. If you are going, be safe and have fun!


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