Who Is Tyler Dial? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Tyler Dial? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Tyler Dial

Birthday – October 20th, 1995

Hometown – Arizona

Musical Influences – John Mayer, Keith Urban, Sam Hunt


The Beginning:

In this week’s feature, we are sharing about an artist that we are loving lately, Tyler Dial. Recently, the singer-songwriter put out his latest EP, Way Back When, and we were immediately hooked. Now, we get to share his story with you all.

Dial grew up listening to country music in Arizona. Thanks in part to his dad’s career, a concert promoter, the singer often attended concerts as a kid and was always in rooms where guitars were readily available. “Country music was prominent in my life, but all my friends growing up and stuff were listening to rap and pop and stuff, so I felt a little bit like an outsider,” shared the singer. Adding later, “My dad is from Texas, so I learned a lot about country music from him.”

Thanks to his father, Dial grew up loving artists like George Strait, Garth Brooks, and James Taylor; however, it was country radio that really excited him personally. “On country radio, when I first started thinking about doing music, it was people like Keith Urban and John Mayer, who really influenced me early on,” shared the singer.

Dial added later, “And seeing people like Taylor Swift and Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, coming up – I was the guy who loved finding new country artists before they broke and burning my friends CDs of their songs. I was kind of obsessed with finding new country artists, while I was trying to be one myself.”

The Turning Point:

Dial took his love of music to the south, where he attended the University of Texas. “I went to UT and I had a few offers to play soccer in college, but I really just saw it as an opportunity to do music full-time.”

While attending school, the singer learned about the bustling Texas-country music scene, as well as, more about the industry as a whole. “I have this country radio background, but also [this] inspiration of living in Texas for four years and playing in Austin pretty much every weekend, and playing in that scene down there.”

While in college, Dial still set his sights on Nashville. “I lived in Nashville, pretty much every summer of college, and interned at studios and management companies, kind of as an excuse to be out here and started writing songs.”

Upon graduation, Dial officially made the move to Music City, even convincing his college band to make the move with him.


Flash forward to today, Dial is continuously cutting his teeth in Nashville as both a singer and a songwriter. “I’ve been living in Nashville for the last four years and am working on an album,” shared the singer. “We’re finally putting music out in the world again […] It’s been fun, it’s been a dream come true.”

Most recently, Dial released his Way Back When EP. The project has six incredible songs that really showcase his artistry and his spirit as a person and as an artist. “These six songs are kind of some of the older ones that I have been sitting on for the longest time. I think it’s important to show my growth as an artist […] These are the songs that moved the needle for me behind the scenes,” shared Dial.

Songs like, “Left of Center” sum up exactly who Dial is and what he has to say, while the title track bods wells a classic, nostalgic, radio type of song. The EP truly has something for everyone.

This is only the beginning for Dial. He is planning on getting out on the road more this year and has more new music on the horizon. A new project, possibly an album is already in the works. Keep your eyes and ears open!


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