Who Is Seth Ennis? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Seth Ennis? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Seth Ennis

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Seth Ennis

Birthday – November 30th, 1992

Hometown – Valdosta, Georgia

Musical influences – Eric Church, Vince Gill, Taylor Swift

The Beginning:

Ever since he burst onto the country music scene with “Woke Up In Nashville,” we have been huge fans of today’s spotlight artist. Seth Ennis is an absolute force in the pop-country world and will continue to rise to greater heights. We chatted with the singer-songwriter all about his story thus far.

Growing up, Ennis’ father was in the military, which allowed him to live all over the world. “I kind of call Valdosta my hometown because that’s where I lived the longest,” began the singer. Despite living in different parts of the world, the south always felt like home. “My parents are both from the south, so I kind of grew up on country music.” Adding, “My mom’s dad, my Papa, was super huge into bluegrass,” explained Ennis.

Music was such a staple in the singer’s life. At the age of five, Ennis’ dad encouraged him to get into piano lessons. Later on, he learned to play guitar too. When he was old enough to choose his own music, the singer gravitated towards the likes of Eric Church, Vince Gill, and even Taylor Swift.

“As far as country music influences, Eric Church is kind of like my number one. He’s one of my heroes. Vince Gill has also always been a hero of mine.” Ennis even admits to respecting Swift for her songwriting talent. “As far as other stuff, I feel like it’s always changing to me, but a big one growing up for me is Taylor Swift. I was super into her songwriting. I just love songwriting so much.”

After college, Ennis decided to pursue music more seriously. The artist moved to North Carolina with some of his friends to further his talent. “[We] just kind of locked ourselves in the house and learned how to co-write songs.”

The Turning Point:

Shortly after, Ennis and his friends made the move to Music City, which jumpstarted his career. “After a year, we felt like we all had a better grip on [co-writing], so we moved to Nashville. We all lived in bunk beds in a one-bedroom apartment behind Exit-In and we just figured it out,” shared the singer.

While living in Nashville, Ennis and his friends tried to meet as many people as they could. “We would go out to Whiskey Jam every Monday night and Tin Roof Revival on Tuesday nights, and a writer’s round on Wednesday, and then I was on the road from Thursday to Sunday,” shared the singer, reflecting on his experience.

He added later, “I would try to meet people and get in the circles that we felt like they liked what we did and we liked what they did.” Armed with a bunch of new friends and connections, Ennis made a goal to play at CMA Fest.

“I didn’t have an agent or manager or anything, so I saw that Budlight was putting on this like battle of the bands thing, and I entered.” Interestingly enough, Ennis did not originally get accepted to the competition, but later was asked to play, when someone dropped out.

Some of the judges ended up being – his first producer in town, Corey Crowder and his now, publisher, Scott. “It was one of those right place, right time things, and they ended up signing me,” shared the singer, adding, “The record deal with SONY came soon after that, and we were off and running.”


Nowadays, Ennis is feeling like a permanent fixture in the music industry. He plans to release as much new music as possible this year to keep fans on their toes. “I’m not trying to be so precious about a plan with everything as I used to be,” shared the singer. “I’m just trying to like put out music as soon as I get it now, which I am super stoked about.”

Most recently, Ennis released his new song, “Hair Ties (I Dont’ Wanna).” The pop-country song is all about trying to move on without constant reminders of your ex. The singer wrote the track with Geoff Warburton, and Matt Mcvaney a few years ago in a co-write. “It was just kinda a title I had and an idea, and we got in a room, and honesty we weren’t even trying to write for me that day- we were just trying to write a song for pitch,” shared Ennis.

The song ended up not getting cut, but it fit perfectly with the singer’s catalog of music. It was a true blessing in disguise. Fans can anticipate Ennis singing the song on the road on tour dates real soon!


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