Who Is Roman Alexander? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Roman Alexander? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

Roman Alexander

Roman Alexander

We love championing up-and-coming artists in the country music industry. There is so much talent out there to look forward to. Roman Alexander is one of those singer-songwriters that we are currently excited about. We chatted with Alexander all about his blossoming career, his path to Nashville, and of course, his newest EP, “Between You & Me”.

Growing up outside of Kansas City in a town called Parkville, Alexander was one of those kids that loved music from an extremely early age. The singer recalls playing gigs at bars in a family band at the early age of just seven years old. “It was a big part of my childhood,” shared Alexander, “My mom hardly ever missed one [gig]” he added, laughing at the memories.

Alexander’s family also played a big role in the music he was introduced to. My family always had a really wide variety of music playing around the house,” shared the singer, “My parents were both ‘80s kids. They loved ‘80s rock and ‘80s alternative.” He credits his mother for introducing him to country acts like Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney, but Elvis Presley still remains the singer’s biggest musical influence to this day.

Shortly after high school, Alexander made the move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career as a country artist. Filled with talent and a hunger to make it the industry, the singer worked odd jobs to meet and network with as many people as possible. He recalls working at an Audi dealership exactly for that reason. “When people would pull up, I would sometimes steal their business cards out or their cars or take a picture of it,” he laughs adding “I would email them to try to get a meeting, and 99.9% of the time I didn’t get a response.” This just lit a bigger fire under Alexander. Ultimately he ended up working as a merchandise guy for country music bands and then for Easton Corbin, which led him to sign his publishing deal.

Now Alexander is living his dream, writing and recording songs for a living. He recently released a killer duet with newcomer, Alana Springsteen called “Trying Not To.” “It was the first song we ever wrote together,” shared Alexander, “I wanted to have a duet of some sort but we didn’t want to do it like the norm […] We kinda wanted to make it unique and kinda intertwine things.” This resulted in a song that equally showcases the singers’ talents and vocals.

Alexander has another duet coming down the pipeline soon too. He collaborated with fellow songstress Ashley Cooke on a new version of his song “Between You & Me.” The new version will be out on April 24th. According to Alexander, the decision to drop a new version of the song with Cooke was an easy one. “My manager was like what if we got ya know a female on “Between You & Me” and just throw some fuel on the fire and keep things going […] and I said what about Ashley Cooke, it was a no brainer.”

Fans can check out Alexander’s EP, also called Between You & Me. The collection of songs gives music lovers a taste of everything that makes the singer who he is. The first year of my publishing deal was me writing and just trying to figure out what I wanted to say […] And Cocktail Conversations” was the first song we wrote on the EP that absolutely solidified this is the right direction. It had every bit of who I am in it […] It all flowed together really well,” shared the singer when asked about the record.

Although Alexander has given us a lot of new music to hold us over for a while, he promises fans that there will be new music coming in the near future. However, above all else, the singer cannot wait to get back on the road to groove and play for fans. We know we’re excited to see him live!

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