Who Is Noah Guthrie? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Noah Guthrie? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


The Beginning:

Today our spotlight shines on an artist you may know! Noah Guthrie is a rising singer-songwriter and actor from South Carolina. A fixture on the last season of the popular show ‘Glee’ and a semi-finalist on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Guthrie’s journey is one for the storybooks.

“I’m from upstate, South Carolina. I’ve been around music my whole life. I kind of grew up watching my dad and my stepmom do a lot of studio singing,” begins the entertainer during our interview. According to Guthrie, singing was something he loved from an early age. He credits his parents for always being supportive of his dreams throughout his childhood and even now.

“When I got to high school, me and my brother started playing in a band together,” shares the singer. The blues band helped transform Guthrie from a shy kid to a bonafide entertainer. “Once I got on stage and realized that the stage was where I could really show this other side of me – I was a pretty shy kid growing up […] But when I got on stage, I got to be this frontman of this band and that was a fun thing.”

Guthrie always knew he was interested in music. During high school he utilized his talents, posting cover songs on YouTube and practicing writing lyrics. Some of his videos went viral, pushing the trajectory of his career to new heights.

The Turning Point:

With a love for rock music, such as Led Zeppelin and The Killers, Guthrie garnered fans across the country.“I got lucky when I was posting these cover songs to get my name out there when I was in my teens. I had some luck with that,” shared Guthrie, adding, “People wanted me to come play for them. Me and my and my dad hit the road for a bunch of shows in the early days.”

It was not until later on in life that the singer-songwriter discovered country music. “One artist that had a huge impact on me and my style would be Ray LaMontagne,” shared the singer.

Guthrie took his love for music and his early found success and catapulted it to a stint on Glee and later,  America’s Got Talent. “They brought me on the show for the last season and it was killer and I gained a lot of fans from that,” shared the singer about Glee.

“I just kind of picked up fans from all different areas along the way.”


Flash forward to now, Guthrie has three albums under his belt. Most recently, the rising artist released Blue Wall. Interestingly, the record has a handful of solo writes on the tracklist, showcasing the singer’s incredible songwriting prowess.

“I think the album is probably 50/50 solo and co-writes. These are songs that I’ve been playing for a while,” shared Guthrie, “They’re songs that me and my band have been touring and people have reacted well to [them].”

According to the singer, one of his all-time favorites off the new record is the title track – a true love letter to his hometown. “My favorite, favorite, is probably the title track “Blue Wall.” It’s a song about my home,” shared the singer, letting us know the ‘blue wall’ refers to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Guthrie plans to continue to champion this record throughout the year, as he works on getting some shows on the books. As always though, the singer will definitely get started on new projects and music before the year is up. Fans can also look forward to more livestreams and just more of Guthrie in general!


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