Who Is Manny Blu? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Manny Blu’s new music “Old Money” and “Sink” are now available as prior releases to New Ink, his EP that comes out November 13. Read more about his music here.

Manny Blu, a performer from Montreal who previously entertained viewers in the ring as an MMA fighter, has traded in his speed bag for a guitar and a concert venue. And after a 2019 debut with Leave It Like It Is that featured former singles such as “X on My Heart” and “Like It Like That”, Blu and his team are set to release a new project titled New Ink on November 13. Three singles are available now, “Born To Ride”, “Old Money” and “Sink”, to introduce listeners to this new era of music that is said to be “louder” and “bigger” than the first collection.

Manny Blu Music

Manny Blue – Photo Credit Yve Assad

“I’m really starting to find the right mix between country and blues — rock, blues and rock ’n roll,” said Blu, our Swag Spotlight artist this week. “There are some influences in all of that, and finding a way to bring it all together in one EP is a fun challenge. And, I think I’ve done that with this one.”

Pulling from influences such as B.B King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer, the music is both intentional and accidental. Blu mentions that he became a country artist “by default” once he started playing guitar and his friends requested songs relating to the genre. Though he quickly learned and mentioned in a press release, that “there’s a culture and a vibe to country music that’s like nothing else”.

And “Sink”, his latest single release, speaks to that truth. A song that practically demands to be played over speakers in a honky tonk bar with a crowded dance floor made up entirely of cowboy boots and fringe jackets. “Eric Church is a big influence for me, too, and he’s just doing whatever he wants,” Blu revealed. “And when a song like “Sink” comes along, it’s hard to turn it down since it’s such a good song and whether it fits exactly what I wanted or not, I didn’t want to pass it up.”

The performer who has learned to roll with the punches after a series of obstacles including a sports injury to the quad and struggling to succeed in school with dyslexia, Blu has proved himself time and time again. Now, with new music ready to hit all media platforms, he is ready to get back on stage and perform. Though, like all musicians, he has hit a wall. “…moving forward I would like to play at least a couple of shows before the end of 2020,” the Jimmie Hendrix enthusiast stated. “But, if we don’t get that opportunity, then the plan is to put on our work boots for 2021 and play as many shows as we can.”

As we continue to find that happy medium in between safety and live entertainment, check out Blu’s first single “Born To Ride” to New Ink here, a project that was artistically produced to follow the same energy of a live performance.

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“Sink” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music‘ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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