Who Is Kasey Tyndall? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Kasey Tyndall? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Kasey Tyndall

The Beginning:

There are few things we love more than supporting women in the music industry. Today, we get to share our lovely interview with the extremely talented Kasey Tyndall. The songstress may be a new name to country music fans, but she has staying power for years to come.

Tyndall grew up in North Carolina, the oldest child of divorced parents. Despite the split, the singer recalls having an incredible childhood and supportive family and extended family. She credits her mother and father for her early love of music. “Growing up, both of my parents listened to lots of music. I would ride in the car back and forth to their houses and my mama would listen to rock, and my daddy would listen to whatever was on country radio.”

Picking up the guitar at an early age, it could only be her access to music and divine intervention that cultivated her unique talent. “Music was kind of a calling for me. It just kind of happened. I felt like myself getting lost in song and music,” shared the singer. Tyndall was inspired by rock legends like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar and bluegrass/country singers like Alison Krauss and Miranda Lambert. Avril Lavigne and Brantley Gilbert are also two of her long-time favorites.

Currently, the singer finds inspiration amongst her fellow women in country music and newcomers on the scene. Artists like HARDY and her friends, Lainey Wilson, and Ashland Craft are some fellow singer-songwriters that she really enjoys right now. “I feel like some of the best music in a while has come out in the last couple of years, and it makes me super excited.”

The Turning Point:

Despite an early love for music and a natural gift, Tyndall never really considered playing music for a living. “I didn’t feel like it was an option as a career,” she tells us, “To chase being a country singer, that felt just so out of reach.” It was not until her friends convinced her to enter a local contest that she realized her potential.

A local radio station hosted a contest in Raleigh, North Carolina. The winner got to sing with superstar Keith Urban. Tyndall ultimately went on to win the contest and proved to herself that her dream could be a reality. This led Tyndall to finally make the decision to move to Nashville to pursue her dreams.

“After I won the contest, it was either move to Nashville or go to nursing school and I picked Nashville and I haven’t looked back since.”


Today, the singer finally feels like she has found her footing as an artist with her recent release, “Middle Man.” “Just seeing the reaction from the Nashville community and the fans, it’s like nothing I have experienced with my previous music that I have released,” shares Tyndall, as she reflects on the success of her newest single. “It’s the first time in my career that I’m like ‘wow’ this is who I am as an artist.”

Of course, “Middle Man” was not a song the singer had intended on writing. It happened organically, during a back-porch-hang with fellow singer-songwriter, Lainey Wilson. “We just got to talking about our families, and I happened to start talking about mine being divorced,” she begins, “and I was like it was great, I was the middle man because I was the oldest sibling and she goes ‘go get a guitar right now.’”

Although Tyndall shares she had a great experience growing up with divorced parents, she realizes not everyone does. “Like I said, I had a great experience with it, but I didn’t realize [at the time] all the lives that I was touching, hitting it on the head for others that didn’t have the best experience.”

The song was not supposed to be the next single, but Tyndall knew it had to be after seeing the reaction from fans at a writer’s round. The singer even credits God as a “co-writer,” due to how effortlessly the song unfolded on that fateful night with her friends.

As “Middle Man” continues to touch the hearts of music lovers everywhere, Tyndall shows no signs of slowing down. She will be heading on tour with Jamey Johnson and Whiskey Myers through the rest of this month. She also promises that new music is on the horizon for this Fall.


Kasey Tyndall’s brand new song “Middle Man” is available now on all streaming platforms.


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