Who Is Jenna Paulette? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Jenna Paulette? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Jenna Paulette // Photo Credit: Nick Swift

The Beginning:

This week we shine our spotlight on Texas-raised country star, Jenna Paulette. Growing up in North Texas, Paulette embodies everything that country music is all about. “I grew up loving country music. It was always on in the kitchen when my mom was cooking dinner,” shared the singer. Adding that she would even listen to music out on the cattle farm with her grandfather. “I’d be listening to George Strait, The Chicks, I was just really kinda heavily influenced by very commercial versions of Texas country music that kind of sang about the life that I grew up in and love and admire so much.”

At an early age, Paulette knew she was made to be a country music singer and songwriter. She recalls her mom and her family instilling confidence in her throughout her childhood and teen years. “I remember watching the ACM’s with my mom, and her being like ‘you’re going to do that one day.’” Later the songstress declared, “There was never really a doubt in my mind about what I’m supposed to do in my life.”

Although country music in general was her passion, Paulette specifically loved female artists like Lorrie Morgan and Lee Ann Womack. Today, she finds inspiration in artists like Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves. “My voice is more the nuances and the texture that I bring in the storytelling aspect,” shared Paulette, addressing her similarities with Lambert and Musgraves.

“I always felt it was such an honor to sing about the life that I come from and the people I get to represent through country music.”

The Turning Point:

After high school, Paulette headed to The Savannah College of Art and Design on a full scholarship. Although she did not apply to the school, she was offered a full ride after the school saw her perform. “I knew when I went to college that I wanted to be a country artist and I knew what I wanted to represent.”

With the desire to use her education to further her career, Paulette majored in Marketing and utilized her school projects to build her own personal brand. “I wanted to be able to figure out how to communicate who I am so well that people listen to a song or go to my Instagram or Spotify for whatever and they know exactly who they’ll get.”

After college and a brief stint in Austin, Texas, Paulette finally decided to make the move to Nashville, Tennessee. “I’ve been doing this ever since. It’s just been growing the whole time,” she shared. “We’ve been here for 5.5/6 years and I absolutely love it,” said Paulette, about Nashville.

“It’s just so cool to kind of look back at my whole life and see everything that led me to where I am now with so much purpose. I couldn’t love what I’m doing more.”


Flash forward to today, Paulette is making strides in her music career. Her latest two songs “Country In The Girl” and “Pretty Ugly” have been a hit with fans and social media. The former went viral on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. The songstress shared that she wanted to write a song about her life growing up raising cattle.

“It’s gotta be something about the way real life people live on a daily basic verses what people think about the country because I did grow up in it,” she shared during a write with her co-writers. The track was something special almost instantly, and after it went viral, Paulette knew she had to record it.

As for “Pretty Ugly,” the track was one of the several songs the singer wrote on a writing trip. Although she initially passed on the title three times, it was in that writing room on the beach that she finally felt the title was the right song for her. “Parker [one of the writers] said ‘heartbreak makes pretty ugly,’ and it was the fastest song we wrote.”

“It feels pretty and badass at the same time. And that’s the type of songs I like to listen to. […] And it’s really fun for me to get to perform a type of song like that.” Paulette also shared that the music video for “Pretty Ugly” is slated to come out soon.

As for other new music, Paulette has three songs coming down the pipeline soon. The two originals are called “Bless Your Heart” and “Slow Draw.” The last song is a cowboy version of the popular Christmas song “Santa Baby.” Fans can look forward to the new music and for the singer to get out on the road with artists like John Michael Montgomery and Aaron Watson this fall.


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