Who Is Jade Eagleson? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Jade Eagleson? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Jade Eagleson
Birthdate – May 23, 1994
Hometown – Bailieboro, Ontario
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Shania Twain, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Roger Miller, Buck Owens
Label – Starseed Entertainment
Current Single – “Shakin’ In Them Boots” (*as of date of article: 9/6/22)

The Beginning:

It is always exciting when country music gains a new rising artist to champion! Nashville-transplant, Jade Eagleson is already a star in his home country of Canada. Currently, he is working hard at making a name for himself here in the United States, and he’s earned fans in us.

Growing up in Ontario, Eagleson came from a supportive upbringing, crediting his family for his love of music. “There’s always country music in [our] area,” began Eagleson. “My mom was actually a pop musician herself. […] “My grandfather on my paternal side was into country music and stuff, too.”

Eagleson recalls listening to his grandfather play guitar and eventually, listening to all of the old records that he had in his incredible catalog. “I got to play just strumming on guitar at my grandparents and that old country music, storytelling kind of stuff is what really drew me into that genre.”

He later added, “My grandfather had a ton of records and his catalog for country music was so old and it allowed me to have this really awesome understanding of the genre.” This led to an early love for musicians like Buck Owens, Hank Snow, and Wilf Carter. Eagleson also took a liking to 90s country artists like Shania Twain and Alan Jackson.

“When I started playing music, I never really had any intention of playing. I just picked up a guitar when I was eleven, and then I started loving it and started singing more towards the start of high school.”

The Turning Point:

Eventually, Eagleson decided to take the practical route – heading out west to work as a farmer. “I initially always thought I was going to be a farmer, I was always very real with what I thought my future was going to be. […] As I kept playing music and doing that, I realized I was miserable,” shared the singer.

Noticing that he was unhappy, Eagleson decided to risk it all and actually pursue his love for music. “I was like ‘ya know what, maybe I’ll try this music thing.’ I’d go out and play bars and do all these different things.”

After gaining traction in Canada, Eagleson’s dream was coming true. As fate would have it, he even met his wife on the set of his first ever music video for his song, “Got Your Name on It.” “My wife is a huge part of this. In the first music video I ever did, we hired this beautiful model. […] I didn’t think I had a chance at all. […] When there’s someone who can see you for who you are, appreciate you, she’s that person, and as soon as I had that and my son came along, it was more of a drive to pursue this and turn this into a really long career.”

With his family in tow, Eagleson decided to finally make the move to Nashville to pursue his dream even further. “My passion for this genre of music and going out singing is kind of like fueling this fire, and I kind of want to take it as far as I can and work as hard as I can to get it there.”


Since relocating to Nashville, Eagleson has focused on making a name for himself in the industry. With four number ones in Canada already under his belt, it is time for the singer to take the American country market by storm.

Last month, the singer released his song, “Shakin’ in Them Boots.’ The song was written by James Barker, Jacob Durrett, and Blake Pendergrass. Interestingly enough, James Barker of James Barker Band grew up ten minutes away from Eagleson in Canada.

“I got very lucky with the past couple of songs that I have done and funny enough, the same writers have been on both of them. His name is James Barker,” shared the singer, adding, “He was a writer on this one and he’s got that same kind of love for that older country music and the love for the genre.”

This is just the beginning for the singer. Fans can anticipate more new music coming soon and definitely some live shows too!


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