Who Is Erin Kirby? The Story Behind Her Journey to Music (2023)

Who is Erin Kirby? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Erin Kirby
Birthdate – 11/04/2003
Hometown – Jasper, Georgia
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Luke Combs, Larry Fleet, HARDY
Current Single – “Redneck Rich”

The Beginning:

Back in 2021, we highlighted a young singer-songwriter, by the name of Erin Kirby. Back then Kirby was just seventeen years old, and growing into her artistry. Today, at almost 20 years old, the songstress has found her place in the country music landscape. We are excited to continue to share more of her story in this week’s spotlight.

The Jasper, Georgia native has always had a love of music. The small-town girl grew up always being outside and hanging out with her friends. Despite her self-proclaimed “tom-boy edge,” she became interested in pageants early on which ultimately led her to music. “I jumped into a local pageant,” she began. “I competed in talent and that moment was incredible and I knew that music was what I wanted to do forever.

Kirby had found her passion at just eight years old. Still feeling too young to pursue anything in music professionally, the songstress competed nationally in various pageants. During one of the competitions in Orlando, Florida, she was noticed by a family member of Justin Timberlake’s manager. “[The family member] sent a video of my talent performance to him and he came off tour to come and meet me which kind of gave me the confidence to jump into music.”

Kirby credits her early love for music to her parents for introducing her to a wide variety of genres that she finds inspiration in today. “So I listened to every single genre because my parents loved music so so much. […] I listen to 80s rock bands, I listen to Motown music. I would listen to hip-hop, pop, country, whatever it was, we were always listening to something new.”

While she still maintains a love for these influences, Kirby has also reignited a love for country music as a whole.“When it comes to listening to music, definitely Luke Combs is a favorite, but when it comes to older country music, Hank Jr. is one of my favorites […] Rascal Flatts and Keith Whitley [too],” she shared. In the songwriting realm, the songstress also appreciates artists that write with no barriers. “I also look at a lot of pop songwriters like Ed Sheeran and people who write songs that are just good songs, and they are not focused on the fact that they are writing a song for themselves. For me, I just want to write a great song and what means the most to me.”

The Turning Point:

Kirby began to record music in Nashville and eventually began writing at age thirteen. “I recorded a couple of songs and kind of just told my story as an artist.” At the same age, the popular talent show, American Idol also reached out to her. Since she was not yet fifteen, Kirby could not participate.

At age fifteen, American Idol called her again. “I really didn’t know if I wanted to or not,” shared the singer. “They wanted me to come to L.A. because they only had two audition spots left.” Eventually, Kirby did fly out to L.A. to audition. She received some incredible feedback from the judges, which added to her confidence as an artist. “I went into the celebrity judge audition and it was incredible. The judges were super kind […] Lionel Richie said he wanted backstage passes for my tour.”

Since American Idol, Kirby has continued to hit the ground running, furthering her artistry and really finding her voice as a singer-songwriter. Post Idol, Kirby was considered a Pop artist, but now she has firmly planted her feet into the country music landscape.

“I started writing country music early last year, when I moved up here, and we started off leaning more towards pop-country and more emotional songs, and towards the end of the year, we started writing songs that really felt like me as an artist and music that I want to promote and put out,” she shared.

In March of 2022, Kirby officially moved to Nashville. “It’s been amazing. I’ve made great friends. I’m constantly writing, and we have started playing shows and releasing music. That has been one of the biggest changes, finally releasing what we have been creating.”


Flash forward to present-day, Kirby is releasing music in the country music market called “Kirby Country.” Her music is her own unique flair on country music and its premiere storytelling. Most recently the singer shared a new song called, “Redneck Rich.”

We wrote that in November, and it was a total mind flip for me. I was like “this is it, this is how I grew up. This is what I am.” We started releasing all those fun songs, and we just cut five more songs, so we are going to be releasing more,” she shared. Adding, “This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. I had this title and I think everyone has had this moment in their life, where they are like, “I’m going to grow up, and I’m going to have a lot of money and live in a mansion.” For me, it was like, “I’m going to grow up and have a truck that’s so big that it’s basically going to be a mansion.” And that’s how “Redneck Rich” looks from the money side I guess. Also, it’s like you can be rich in these country, redneck ways like having this dirt road you can go to, to talk to God or clear your head.”

“Redneck Rich” is one of those songs that really make you recognize an artist for their true authenticity. The song showcases Kirby’s undeniable talent, as well as, her ability to create music that speaks to her story and remains relatable to her growing fanbase.

Fans can anticipate more new music coming down the pipeline soon! “For the rest of this year, it will most likely be one or two more singles, and then potentially an EP for the beginning of next year, but we’ll see. I’m continuing to write every week.” Kirby is definitely one to look out for!


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