Who Is Cole Bradley? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who Is Cole Bradley? Talented new country artist from Canada, who now lives in Nashville with songs like “Love Made Me” and “Jean Jacket.”

Cole Bradley

Cole Bradley – Photo Credit Nick Patterson

Nashville is nicknamed “Music City” for a reason. It is full of talented young artists, who have a passion for the music industry and all that comes with it. Our latest Swag Spotlight artist, Cole Bradley fits the bill. He is talented, creative, and hungry for success, but most importantly he has an undeniable connection to country music.

Growing up in Calgary, Canada, Bradley always gravitated towards the creatives. He recalls singing as early as five years old and credits his family for introducing him to country music. “My first kind of memory is sitting in the backseat of my mom’s Toyota singing along to Garth Brooks’ ‘Greatest Hits’ record,” declared Bradley, “I would say that probably Garth Brooks was one of my biggest influences from day one.” Besides Brooks, the singer-songwriter grew up on country music stars like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.

With the support of his family always behind him, Bradley started releasing songs to iTunes in high-school and writing music even earlier than that; however, a college education was always important to him and his parents. During his first year in college, the singer balanced trips to Nashville for writes and demos with his education in Canada. It was during one of his trips to Music City, four years ago, that Bradley learned he could combine his passion for music with his desire for higher education.

“I toured the Belmont campus,” the singer began, “My parents were super supportive of me and were like if you want to transfer to Belmont [University] and be in Nashville to pursue your school and music at the same time, you’re more than welcome to.” Bradley made the big move a few weeks before his 19th birthday and started to play shows in Nashville the same year.

One year into his move, the entertainer got the honor of playing the coveted Bluebird Cafe for the first time in his young career. “It’s just iconic. The best place to play so far in my career,” shared Bradley, as he recounted all of his heroes who have also played at the venue. Presently, he has been invited back to play at the Bluebird several times, since his debut.

Since then, Bradley has continued to progress in his career. He graduated from Belmont University in July and released two singles this year, including “Love Made Me” and “Jean Jacket.” The unprecedented times that we are living in catapulted the singer to share more of his craft with the world. “I had all these songs recorded, but after the pandemic hit, I was like, life’s so short, and you never know what’s going to happen,” he stated, “I have to put out more music.”

Both songs are impactful, sentimental, and high-energy; despite, having different stories and inspirations. “My goal in music is just to connect my stories, my songs, and my feelings to as many people as possible,” Bradley exclaimed. “Love Made Me” captures the story of new love. “It was really a universal theme. They’re at the honeymoon stage of a relationship and falling head over heels for somebody.”

On the other hand, “Jean Jacket” represents all those feelings that we all go through when dealing with heartache. According to Bradley, “The idea was we all go through heartbreak and tough breakups in our lives, but I think the most important thing that can happen is to walk away with your pride,” adding, “Jean Jacket symbolizes a lot more and I thought it was a cool way to say something.”

Ultimately, it’s clear that Bradley is going to keep writing and recording music that is authentic to him and his story. We can expect more unique and enticing music from the singer-songwriter in early 2021, and maybe even an EP. Until then, make sure you are streaming both of his incredible tunes!

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